To imagine a world without creative people is hard to do. We all know that it's these people that make our lives better. They come up with all the inventions that make our lives more comfortable and and efficient.

Unfortunately many of us are not born with such talents for creativity. None the less, you can boost your creative energies with many different types of techniques.

Creativity is manifested by different individuals in different ways. It's hard to gauge how creative you are in comparison with other people. All you can do is hone your own skills and expand your creativity as well as you can.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

In the journey to creativity, there are hundreds of different roads you can take. However, there are a few methods that may be more effective than others, and we will be discussing them right here.

1. Write Down 100 Creative Ideas

Take a seat in a quiet place and start writing any creative idea that comes to mind. None of the ideas have to be related to one another and it doesn't have to be something you know how to do or bring to life. Simply write down your thoughts. In fact it's better to not go back and edit yourself.

2. Take Part In Activities That Incite Your Five Senses

Watching an art exhibit, dining at a new restaurant and listening to various music genres are among the best examples. The more frequently you do these activities, the more attuned you will be to each of your senses.

3. Read Books That Motivate You

Motivational books and quotes are great ways to exercise you creative mind. Many of these inspirational words stick with you and help creativity in the long run.

4. Take A Break From The Ordinary

The hustle and bustle of urban living can suppress the bursting creativity within you. You might be surprised at the difference that a short weekend in the country can do for you.

5. Paint Your Walls Yellow

According to many psychologists around the world, surrounding yourself with this color is quite effective in encouraging the flow of your creative juices. This is why many artists' studios and architectural offices have yellow walls.

6. Ask Someone To Share Their Creativity

Just find someone and start talking about creative things. The more you vent and the more you hear the more the two of you will come up with. It causes a snowball effect in the creative mind.

7. Slow Down

It won't do you any good to try and force creative thoughts from your mind. The best thing to do is take a 5 minute break and relax. Meditate, do yoga, or anything that relaxes you personally. Then go back to your project, you will have more creative thoughts now.

Discovering Your Creative Streak

Like was mentioned before there are many ways to stimulate your creative thinking. Try these 7 ways and any other you think that will work for you.

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