It is estimated that on any given day, approximately 10,000 thoughts go through your head. How many of those thoughts were really useful?

Nothing can hurt you as much as your own thinking. Continual repetition of self-doubts and self-attack.

Pay attention to your thinking, and see how much of it is based on fears, judgments and worries. Basically, fear, worry and judgments are "all in the mind".

How do you rid yourself of these repetitive self-sabotaging thoughts? By searching through your past with deep analysis for years and years, or by allowing yourself to let go, forgive, and choose peace and love.

Thoughts are usually based on past or future. Since the past is over and future is yet to come, your thoughts are not real. In other words your thinking is an illusion.

No thought has any power over you or any more importance than you give it, they have no power of their own.

You and you alone choose your thoughts. To live a happy life, it is important that you have a happy relationship with your thoughts. Rather than spending your time in deep self analysis, try meditation, yoga or breathwork, they are all helpful to bypass thinking and calm the mind.

The only thing that can block you from unconditional love is your thinking. The only thing that can block you from personal success is your thinking.

Everyday you start with a blank slate. You cannot control what comes into your life, but you can control your perception and how you think about it.

Stop thinking and start living!

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Pamela Hadfield-Grier is a Life and Wellness Coach offering Stress Management and Sport Yoga Instruction.
She works with individuals to help them incorporate their mind, body and spirit to facilitate their decision making as well as their physical well being to improve results in all areas of their lives.
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