There is media today where you see cats using the toilet. Many take this as some Hollywood stunt. The truth is, that it is very possible to train any cat to use the toilet. As a cat owner if you want your cat to be toilet trained, just use these helpful tips.

The first step to teaching your cat to use the toilet is to first get them use to a cardboard litter box. Then, start putting shredded papers in with their litter. Over time put more paper and less litter until there is no litter in the box. When you have gotten your cat used to this.

Move on and daily move the litter box closer to the bathroom. Don't do any of these steps to fast or you will confuse your cat and they will just go back to the original spot of where the box used to be.

As you move the box to the bathroom start trimming down the sides of the box. Once you reach the bathroom, move gradually toward the toilet. After a few days, you should reach the toilet.

Cut the corners of the box to tie the box in the toilet. At this point leave the box full of papers in the toilet doing nothing for a little over a week, or until you are sure your cat is comfortable with this new situation.

After this time has passed, start moving the box toward the bottom of the bowl, leaving less and less paper in it. Also, cut a plum sized hole into the box everyday.

Finally, cut down the sides of the box until there is nothing left but the base. This flat piece of cardboard can be placed under the toilet seat to keep it in place, but you still want to leave a tiny bit of newspaper enough that he will be familiar with it but not so much that it might make a mess.

Soon enough, you will be able to eliminate the cardboard altogether. All in all, this process will probably take about three or four weeks, depending on your cat. As with all things concerning your cat, you have to have patience.

Let them do his own thing at his own pace; if you don't you may disrupt the entire process. Make sure they are balanced and comfortable before you remove the cardboard from the equation, or you may have to start all over again. If you exercise some patience and judgment, you should have a toilet-using cat in no time.

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