You may be playing around with the idea of using positive affirmations. Are you still wondering if they work? Well, rest assure whether its changing the stars of the universe or simply your mindset, THEY WORK! This is how you can get started right now with the top 6 ways to use positive affirmations:

To implement positive affirmations into your life you first need to come up with a few affirmations. They would begin with "I am", "I will", "I can", or "I do". For instance, "I can be a better person", "I am smart" and so on.

The trick is to do this on a regular basis. You should repeat your affirmations repeatedly everyday. This will help your subconscious start to believe these statements. This is how the positive affirmations are going to ultimately change your life.

So how can you put this into overdrive and really get this energy working for you? Here are the top 6 ways to charge your affirmations NOW.

1. Put Them In Writing

Write them on cards and read them to yourself several times a day. Take a few minutes out of your schedule, find a quiet place, relax and read the statements to yourself over and over and over. This helps the subconscious to begin to accept the statements as facts and start to apply them.

2. Look at Yourself

Look at yourself in a mirror while you say your affirmations. Looking into your own eyes only helps the subconscious pick up your affirmations as the truth a little faster.

3. Put Them Everywhere

Write the affirmations down on sticky notes and put them in places where you will notice them during your day. Doing this serves as a reminder of your commitment to yourself and reinforces the resolve to make the change desired.

4. Be Repetitive

Take a few minutes during the day to simply write them down over and over. This is sort of like when you were in school and had to write sentences for misbehaving. You learned NOT to do that again, didn't you? Of course, you don't have to write them 500 or 1000 times, but you get the idea. Maybe 25 or 50 times a day is sufficient.

5. Hear Them

When you say them out loud, say them with meaning and force. Use a firm voice that means business and your subconscious will listen up.

6. Change It Up

Change things up a little by singing them or chanting them. This adds a whole new dimension to the affirmation. Musical stimulation has been shown in scientific studies to have profound effects on people at the subconscious level, so take advantage of it. You don't have to sing well, just sing.

You have the power to change anything about yourself that you think needs changing. All you need to do is program the subconscious mind to believe it and take it as fact.

Your brain is like a computer. Computers need software to run. Sometimes you need to reprogram the software to achieve the desired effect.

The same ideology applies here. Change your thinking and change your life. All with the power of your own mind.

NO assembly required!

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