We live in a world of negativity. A positive affirmation is a little message that raises your spirits and helps achieve a positive mental attitude. Here are the top 7 reasons to use positive affirmations on a daily basis.

1. Get A Visual

So many people are visual learners. We write lists to remind us of things to do, what groceries to buy, etc. Writing a positive affirmation can help us remember what's going well in our lives.

2. Clear Up A Cloudy Mind

Doing your positive affirmations on a daily basis reprograms your brain to see what going on around you in a way that's necessary to improve. You can't possibly be making good, positive decisions if your mind is clouded with stress, and negativity. Positive affirmations clear up your mind, and make it so you can tackle the problems at hand.

3. Take Control Of Your Life

So many people don't grasp the power of the mind. Your mind can ultimately make or break your life. You have to pump yourself up like an athlete would before a game. The athlete needs to believe they're going to win, to win. So they tell themselves repeatedly that they are going to win, and their team is the best.

Using positive affirmations does the same thing for you. You need to believe your successful before you can actually be successful. That way when an obstacle comes up to block your from succeeding you will find a way to overcome the obstacle. Failure is not an option, since you are a successful person. Control the thoughts in your mind is controlling your destiny!

4. Success

Since using positive affirmations on a regular basis improves your chances of succeeding many self-help programs use positive affirmations in their teachings. They need positive affirmations to give their clients the positive results they need. Now you too can use the same method to succeed, and in the comfort of your own home.

5. Vital To Physical Health

Having a positive mental attitude is vital to physical health as well as mental health. This is why patients who receive greetings and flowers from friends and loved ones recover faster. A positive affirmation is like a get well card for a negative brain. The greater emotion with which the affirmation is delivered, the stronger the positive effect.

6. Attitude

You can control the outcomes of your life, just by controlling the attitude that is put forth when going through life. One of the only ways to reprogram your subconscious mind to have this positive attitude is to use your positive affirmations regularly, and to be consistent with your program.

7. Getting What We Want

We are surrounded by negative messages that come to us from the world around us. The constant diet of negatives inhibits us from achieving all that we want and/or need to in this world. The best way to defend the attitude and the mind from negative messages is to fill the brain with positive messages.

Computer technicians have an expression - 'garbage in, garbage out'. If you make a habit of using positive affirmations daily, you are putting good data into the brain and will get good results.

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