With the plenary of philosophers and self-improvement gurus in all forms of media, it is amazing how many times a day are we informed that all we need to do is, have a dream and go after it. Many of the clients of PARTNERING TO SUCCESS have told me that Partnering is the secret to success. Well I hate to rain on your parade, but there is no secret. Partnering simply addresses one of the Top Ten reasons for failure to reach your goals.

Although the accountability that “Partners” enjoy is a major key success factor, any one of the ten will lead to falling short in goal attainment. The goals can be personal; IE, Lose weight, remodel the kitchen, get our finances in order, clean up my credit. Or, your goals may be work related; IE, improve customer service skills, make more cold calls, close more sales, listen better, improve my leadership skills, et cetera. Review the listing and rate yourself on each of the items. Be honest with yourself and identify the areas in your personal planning which need improvement.

10) I’LL DO IT TOMORROW: Procrastination! Too many people just keep putting of until tomorrow, that which they know they need to do today. Why? Because it’s easy! Short term, it’s always easier to do nothing. If you know you need to improve in some area, make it a priority, develop a plan, and Partner with someone to make it happen.

9) TOO MANY BALLS IN THE AIR: At times, we all feel like we are juggling too many things in our day to day lives. Many folks enjoy having things on their “To Do” list, simply to check them off. Select two, maybe three things that you want to work on this year. Make those your Priority.

8) DON’T REALLY WANT TO: It’s important to note that nobody can motivate you. Each of us can motivate ourselves, and only ourselves. If someone else tells you to go after this goal, it is not likely to give you the passion and drive you need to achieve it. The goal must be important to you and your success.

7) NOT SURE IT’S IMPORTANT: Once you have established a goal, it sometimes can become secondary to other objectives in life. If the goal is not important to you, it will not be achieved. By the way, just because it is important to the boss, it may not be important to the employee.

6) DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! All too often people set goals for themselves, create a plan, and go after their objective. However, without the knowledge of how to do it, they ultimately fail. An essential element of your plan should be to test your knowledge and educate yourself. WARNING: Don’t overeducate yourself. Some people never get things done because they try to make it perfect. As the old saying goes, “don’t let perfect get in the way of good.”

5) CAN’T DO IT: Certainly every one of us has fallen into this category. We want to accomplish something specific, we make it a priority, we develop our plan, and we Partner to hold each other accountable. Unfortunately, we plainly don’t possess the ability to carry it out. One can plan to hike to the top of Pikes Peak; however, without the ability to cope with the altitude, the plan will just not come together.

4) SOMETHING IS MISSING: If the right tools aren’t in the tool box, the job will be difficult or perhaps even impossible. No matter what the task, if the proper resources are not available, the job won’t get done. Attitude and aptitude are vitally important, but without a computer, a PowerPoint presentation would be very difficult deliver.

3) CAN”T STICK TO IT: Every one of us gets distracted. The phone rings, a visitor stops by, something of interest enters our mind, new objectives are given to us or identified by ourselves, and the list goes on. According to a recently completed survey by NFI Research, two of the top sources of stress for managers are interruptions (47%) and conflicting responsibilities (37%). Focus, focus, focus! Post your major objectives in plain sight, put little reminders around your office or home, and remember that your Partner will help you maintain focus. If your goals are most important, then maintaining focus should not be a problem.

2) NO WRITTEN PLAN: Have a purpose. Too many folks go through life and never understand their purpose. “Things” take up the hours of our lives, but in the end, many individuals look back a simply regret many things they didn’t do. Once you have identified your major priorities, it’s time to develop a plan to achieve them. Make sure the plan is written and includes the following:

• Specific objectives and milestones. The steps to reach your goal
• Measures that will indicate how you are progressing
• Attainable elements…things you can do
• Results oriented statements and actions
• Timing of each objective so you know when you are finished

If you fail to plan…you plan to fail.

1) NO ACCOUNTABILITY: The number one reason people fail to accomplish their goals is lack of accountability. Any effective seminar, class, or workshop will include an action planning segment in the program. Participants write their action plan, often share it with others at their table, sometimes read it aloud to the entire group, and fully intend to implement the planned changes in their work and/ or personal life. Come Monday, they fall right back into the same old behaviors and fail to execute the plan. Be honest, you’ve done it, I’ve done it, everybody does it. That’s where Partnering comes into play. This process offers a simple and unique approach to accountability. Question, if we could hold ourselves accountable, wouldn’t we already be doing it? Are there things in your life you know must change, but never do? You need a Partner, and by the way, they need one too.

Don’t let any of these ten things keep you from achieving the success you expect. Prioritize, Plan, and Partner.

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Terry J. Wisner, aka "The Life Saver Dude" is an author, international speaker, and consultant. His enthusiastic, entertaining and educational talks, seminars and engagements simply "help people become more successful." His innovative "Personal Partnering" process helps everyone, both personally and professionally. See how "The Life Saver Dude" can help you or your organization. Visit www.TerryWisner.com or http://www.p2s.us and sign-up for our free eNewsletter.