One one morning break of your blog life,you get up and you don't feel like addressing the world.But you don't want to feel or sound or look like wasting time.What's the way out.How about a profitable break?Here are a few things you can conclude which don't take huge effort from your part but will add points to your blog.

1.Submityour blog&feed to directory listings.
This one would be an shrewdavail of time as it increases your chances of being found at the simultaneosly let have you a bit more unmasking in the blogosphere.You can unearth some directories for blog and rss submission at

2.Format your articles.
You can operate spell checks,change the picture positions,validate the links or add more profitable links to your existing posts. disjoining distant articles into abbreviate paragraphs will give a uptown look to the article.Also consider adding bookmarklets below your articles which will make it easy for your reader to conclude social bookmarking.

3.Transform the template.
Remodelyour blog's template.You always wanted to perform it,right.Vary the banners,backgrounds,the css buttons,sidebar positions etc.This will add a new look to your blog.
4.Adjust the ads.
Workout new positions for your ads.Position them at locations where they might obtain biggest
unmasking.Alter the ads background and link colour.Try to make those drab advertisementsatleast slightly bewitching.

5.Rehash your augmentation.
Xoadjute the facts about your blog and its traffic from Google Analytics,Feedburner,Technorati etc. and get a more useful status of your blog's growing.Check out how your ranks have meliorated and discover where your dutiful market
are from.

6.Rear a inviting avatar/favicon.
Why expend time to spawn an avatar?Now as communities like Mybloglog have startedevolution.,there's no wonder if you find your picture on the blog you're reading.Mybloglog widgets are now on almost every blog.So to spawn an avatar which defines you or your blog will be a good shotof your time. ditto are the validation in the case of a favicon.

7.Check out the top100.
Look out what the top blog are upto.Skim through their remembrance styles,the templates,the gas numbers and the heavysetsubscriberships.There's enormous stuff to grind and massed knowledge will do only good in the blogosphere.
8.Assemble relationship with other bloggers.
Make someones day by commenting on his blog.Commenting on blogs consanguine to your subject of finesse will be a great idea,since it lays upon the chances of attracting inbound links.But don't forget to leave your blog name and url along with the comments you make.

9.Surf around.
Surfing around other blogs or news websites will help you find subjects you would be interested in blogging about.Make a 'To blog' list and conclude some quest on items you'll be blogging about.

10.Get some inclination.
Reread your most peerless articles,the overwhelming responses,the appreciation messages.If you still don't get that punch, refresh memory that you've a name to keep up with.

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Ganesh Chandran is a tech&webindustry evangelist.He is also a passionate blogger and he shares his knowledge @ his blog Blogger Whale-Make money online.His articles have been quoted in many ebooks and is reffered by hundreds of aspiring bloggers everyday.