To say times aren’t tough would be, well, a lie. With the crapy economy and talks of a recession, life is stressful and the economic cloud doesn’t look to be lifting any time soon.
Worrying won’t improve the stock markets—they’ll just cause some serious crinkles in your brow and add pounds to your gut. Try seeking some compassionate touch instead.
According to researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, nonsexual touch can be just as good for you as touches of “the sensual kind”. Massages, back rubs, hand-holding, and other caring forms of skin-to-skin contact lower stress hormones and blood pressure while simultaneously enhancing the bonding and calm hormone Oxytocin.
Twenty married couples participated in the 4-week study engaging in emotional and physical closeness. Participants wore portable blood-pressure monitors to give 24-hour readings of their vitals. Results show men have a more positive reaction to touch therapy than women.
Repel the Fight or Flight response that arises every time she says the word “snuggle” and spend lazy Saturdays in bed with her. Rub her back, massage her arms, and run your fingers through her hair. Chances are she’ll reciprocate, and that means good news for your hairline.

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Master Massage Therapist for 15 years