Why Toughing It Out On a Bad Job Is a Bad Idea

Let me take you, reader of this article, to find out why toughing it out doesn’t work, unless….

1. You recognize that this is a great opportunity to know yourself at your best by keeping a journal; assessing your best transferable skills; networking with others; and having a positive attitude no matter what.

2. You save money for your great getaway! You spend a moderate amount on new clothes; new places to visit in your immediate neighborhood, maybe a new restaurant, and books to help you map out your future.

3. Volunteer for little, extra tasks at your bad job, speak well of all, get to know your co-workers. If they are part of the bad job, join in with them anyway. You have nothing to lose.

4. Plan, plan, plan, even if the plans don’t always work. You may have to go to Plan C if A and B don’t work out.

5. Plan a going, going, going, gone party in your head with a time line. (The party probably won’t be with your former co-workers, just a private affair with good friends and family).

6. Network wherever you are by giving and reaching out to others who will remember you. Get their names and addresses. Ask for advice about your future. Most people love to give advice and help others.

7. Don’t be bullied, ever! There is another job in your future, a good one! Believe it while you’re still at the bad job!

Author's Bio: 

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.
Graduate of: Pacific Oaks College & Career Development Program from JFKennedy University
Certified Career & Job Transition Coach