Do you know what’s in your baby’s lotion or your baby’s shampoo? Just what makes that soap smell so nice? Does that hand gel really kill germs as it rapidly soaks into your skin? What makes that toothpaste a paste?

Each morning I take a hot shower, shampoo, and shave. I may stop at the gas station while I’m out and about, and in the evening, I enjoy grilling fish and relaxing on the deck while watching the sunset. An ordinary day, yet in that brief span I’ve exposed myself to an enormous amount of environmental toxins that will attack my body – sneaky little bandits often coming to the surface many years later. We are exposed to toxins each and every day of our lives. Pollution in your environment, a diet of processed foods, the chemicals used to grow fruits and vegetables, the chemicals and hormones in livestock, through beverages that we consume, the creation of free radicals within our bodies and in the personal-care products that we use on a daily basis. Personal-care products include things we may not even think about such as dish soap, toothpaste and even the anti-bacterial soaps used to wash your hands. Just from cosmetics alone, you’re exposed to more than 160 unique ingredients every day. You inhale them and absorb them through your skin. These same products pose as a high a risk of getting cancer as smoking. Our bodies can become loaded with toxins.

The real danger now comes from the low-dose, chronic exposure you often don’t notice. What’s more, a growing body of evidence suggests that different toxins may interact with one another in strange and often alarming ways in our bodies. When these toxins are combined they seem to have a synergistic effect, harming your health much more than exposure to a single toxin. Research is now linking the slow exposure of chemicals to increased risk for various chronic diseases including cancer, respiratory illness, and even neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease. What is obvious is that multiple toxic materials on the job as well as in our homes can cause a variety of different health problems. What we do not know is how potent such exposures are when combined together.

What can you do to protect yourself? Your best protection is better awareness, better choices and detoxify on a regular basis. Since you cannot completely eliminate your exposure to toxins, you can make smarter choices about how you deal with those encounters, make smarter choices about the personal care products that you use and detoxify (cleanse) the inside of your body on a regular basis. Since toxins build up over time, unless we cleanse our bodies of these toxins they will continue to build-up internally and eventually we feel the effects of the toxins.

Over time, toxins can build up and overwhelm the body, weakening the immune system and leading to:
• Fatigue
• Stress
• Poor digestion
• Skin disorders or breakouts
• Stiffness, aches and pains
• Weight gain
• Premature aging

Make better choices in your personal care products by simply learning what is available. Embark on a pure path to stimulate, strengthen, and support your health and well-being by regularly detoxifying the inside of your body – this includes the kidneys, the liver and the intestinal tract. Choose to use personal care products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Look for personal care products that are:
· Botanical
· pH correct
· Formulated without mineral oil
· Never tested on animals
· Formulated without animal products or animal byproducts
· Hypo-allergenic
· Formulated without chemical dyes or fragrances
· Dermatologist tested
· Pediatrician tested

Another integral part to the protection process is detoxification or internal cleansing, sometimes referred to as whole body cleansing. Whole body cleansing is one way to stimulate, strengthen, and support your body’s defenses. This whole body cleansing will stimulate, strengthen and support your health and well-being. Whole body cleansing and detoxifying that will rid your body of toxins, both inside and out. A detoxifying cleanse helps to rid the body of those toxins and relieve stress on the body. Detoxification supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore itself.

Cleansing your body through detoxification will restore your lost vitality. After a cleanse, people tend to have more energy, sleep better and feel emotionally. Following a cleanse, the cravings for such things as sugars, fried foods, cigarettes and most toxic food will disappear. So, it becomes much easier to maintain a healthy diet. Choose an herbal detox/cleanse that will stimulate, strengthen, and support the entire body. Choose an herbal detox/cleanse with nourishing as well as restorative ingredients. There are many excellent herbal detox/cleansing products on the market, so, be sure to check with a qualified health-care provider for the best choice(s).

Since you cannot completely eliminate your exposure to toxins, feel good knowing that you can make better choices in how you deal with those everyday exposures.

Author's Bio: 

Don C. Farrow, Jr., Ph.D. is a board certified holistic practitioner, author and founder of Wisdom for Wellness
located in Black Mountain, NC.