Like so many other industries, the Internet has changed the market and the way we do business. The stock market is no longer a members only field game of stock brokers playing the market.With the click of a button, the average individual now has access to the same information and facts that only stock brokers were privy to a few years ago. Gone are the days when market traders and specialists had the advantage of profiting from the ignorant public.

With today’s technology, you have the same opportunities as the professionals at your fingertips. The difference, of course, is knowledge and experience, both of which are within your grasp. High speed access to information, providing real-time quotes and instant online trading has sprung day trading into a new profession of its own. People are realizing that they too can master the concept of day trading and compete professionally in a level-playing field.

Today the only obstacle in the path of a rookie is experience and that can be obtained only through time and practice. Even though nothing can compete with the reality of experience, a good education could help prepare you. The fact is there are many possible gains from the market, but there are also just as many losses. The tips are designed to help you avoid the same mistakes that others have made when they started out. Bear in mind that these tips will not guarantee you a winning trade every time, but by following our advice, you will keep your losses to a minimum.

It begins with a basic overview of the stock market and gradually migrates toward the intermediate level of specific tips and profitable strategies for survival in the industry. Most of the informative advice, issues, and content focuses on the interests of the online day trader. A glossary of stock market terms are dedicated to its own section in the back as a reference to beginners just starting out and for basic traders who wish to graduate to the intermediate level. For further reference, a list is included for the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index and the NASDAQ 100 Stock Index.

No matter how intelligent you are, day trading is a risk. Why? Because it involves competition and emotion. That’s why so many people have historically compared it to gambling. While trading is similar to gambling, it requires much more than pure instinct and luck. Day trading requires knowledge of the industry, diligence, the ability to absorb, decipher and react to the continuous tides of information encumbered with the internal conflicts of emotional pride, fear, despair, greed, and loss. If the prospects of winning are still a challenge and appeal to you in spite of the risks, then by all means, read on. Begin the journey of your day trading experience.

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