The most effective ways to get your site listed in Google quickly Create a blog – Blog sites like Wordpress and Blogger are regarded as authority sites by Google. By creating backlinks in a blog, you can get indexed by Google pretty quickly. You can also post relevant comments on other blogs and recommend your site in the process.
Use social bookmarking/networking sites – Again, make use of authority sites to increase your site’s Page Rank. Post useful content at your MySpace blog and include a backlink to your website.
Write articles – Articles are ‘viral traffic generators’ because they are often syndicated by content publishers when they are posted up at article directories. Use them to build useful backlinks. The more articles you write, the more backlinks you get.
Content is the King: If you provide quality content then you will get regular readers and many of those will copy a summary (or sometimes the complete article) into there blogs plus linking back to you.
Post on forums: There are so many forums available over the Internet that its tough to know which is good and which isn't. A good way could be to check PageRank of these forums.
Link Exchange: Blogroll as many of us call it, is a nice way to increase the number of backlinks to you blog.
Your own websites network: If you have more than one website than why not link back from each website to you other websites.
Start online contests: Various contests in different blogs is a new way to earn traffic and to get large number of backlinks.
Submit links to online directories: Online directories mostly have good PR. Start submitting your link to these directories to get high quality backlinks.

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