Is FEAR keeping you stuck from moving forward with your business or your life?

Struggling with procrastination?

Feeling frustrated because you know what you should do and you just don't do it?

You can have a clear vision, develop a strong business and marketing plan, outline key actions to reach your goals and still fall short of having what you want as long as your fear controls you.

Lorraine Cohen says, “Working with thousands of people from all over the world, I found that fear is the #1 hurdle that stops people in their tracks when dealing with change.

Answering 15 key questions from her subscribers, Lorraine spills the beans about fear in her newest 54-minute audio; what it is, how to recognize it, what causes it and how to break through it. This audio is jam-packed with exercises, tips and resources to eliminate self-sabotage and roadblocks!

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Question: How does fear obtain, generate and RE-generate its power?

Consider this point: It isn’t the situation that brings up fear, it is our reaction to what we experience that creates fear. The conversations we have in our heads – our self talk gives voice to those beliefs by the things we tell ourselves. All that internal chatter can either help us or hinder us to lead happier lives. Our beliefs create and reinforce our fears through our self-talk – worst case scenarios, what ifs, most of which never even happen! We scare ourselves into action or immobility. That’s how powerfull we are! What you listen to and read in the media might generate fear. Look at the people in your life – are they uplifting, empowering, and confident or are they negative, fearful and grumpy?

Your beliefs affect your attitude.
Your attitude affects your decisions.
Your decisions direct your actions.
Your actions cause your results.

I don’t believe people can permanently overcome their fears unless they uncover the beliefs that generate their fears and work with their emotions to transform those beliefs. To me, the difference between using a technique is this: techniques are practices that instruct us with step-by-step actions to achieve an outcome – like the instructions to do affirmations – such as create three positive statements and write them down 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night for 21 days with the intent to change your thinking. If you’ve done that as instructed, how well has that worked for you? We continually apply techniques as needed for some specific results.

I see transformation as changing the appearance, state or nature of something. The image that comes to mind is the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly. I see transformation as a metamorphosis with permanence. Who ever saw a butterfly change back into a caterpillar?

Having a broad toolbox of techniques, practices, resources, and people will empower you to become fearless.

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