How precious is life? Many of us don’t appreciate our life until it is threatened. We are bombarded with advice about our physical condition often at the expense of our mental state. The World Health Organisation once defined ‘Health’ as a ‘complete state of physical and mental well-being’. If we are to be truly healthy then I firmly believe we owe ourselves a commitment to lifelong learning. To this end I often spend time looking for books with content that challenges my accepted way of life. I spent my youth and earlier days keeping myself fit. I spent hours practising sports and pitting my strength against others who felt similar needs. I practised judo and was fortunate enough to travel to other countries where I fought against others from different nationalities. Nowadays my needs are different and I can fulfil those needs with a jog or a long walk, stretching exercises and sensible eating. However, those are my physical needs and I find I have continued my quest to find answers to my self development in books written on various topics. I find great comfort in books written about Health and Wellness. Is there really a cure for the common cold? At least one book claims there is! Books advise me on sleeping better, eating better, using what I have in better ways. If you can't get to a local bookstore visit a bookstore online. It is often an absolute mine of information. I love to browse the titles and immerse myself in the subjects that can open my eyes. Books can change the way we think, the way we behave and the way we feel. I firmly believe in the subliminal power of the mind. I honestly believe there are people who use these subliminal powers to affect all our lives in various media. Some use these powers by default. Others know what they are doing and exert evil influences over those who have no concept of such powers. Look around the bookstore and see how you can tap into these new ways of thinking. There is probably only one life gifted to each and every one of us and we owe it to ourselves to em! power our brains. Some of us know we are not very good in working with mechanical matters. It is easy to see how gifted engineers and mechanics can be. I always feel so grateful to the car mechanic who gets me back on the road and keeps me driving safely. I am always grateful to the engineers who mend my gadgets. However, I am also grateful to those authors who have written interesting books that help me expand my knowledge base. I usually have to travel a distance before finding the really interesting bookstore. Please do yourself a favour and visit an online bookstore. A commitment to Lifelong Learning is only one click away.

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Vincent Martin Treacy is an EFL Teacher and Lecturer in Leisure
studies. Contact him on or visit his website at