What's the best way to learn about interesting and optimal treadmill workouts that will keep you motivated and improve your cardiovascular fitness level? Hiring a certified instructor or personal trainer! Only a certified instructor can show you how to burn calories effectively while building strength in your upper torso and core. A personal trainer can develop a custom-designed workout tailored specifically to your needs, but who can afford one? Here's a great alternative solution: going online for your treadmill workouts!

iFit Compatible Treadmills

If you own an iFit compatible treadmill you can invite a virtual personal trainer into your house and enjoy motivational coaching to enhance your treadmill workouts. Your iFit CD, VCR or MP3 player will automatically control your treadmill or whatever fitness equipment you are using. These are programs designed to get results, spread out over a period of up to two months. Do you want to burn off some extra weight, increase your overall condition or train for a marathon race? No problem! Your virtual trainer offers motivational coaching with high-energy music and new daily workouts that will make you look forward to jump on your treadmill instead of dreading your daily session. iFit's video adventure series of scenic nature trails further maximizes motivation and helps you achieve the best possible results.

"Workouts for You"

Don't have an iFit compatible treadmill? No problem! At Workouts For You an ACE-certified personal trainer will design a personalized workout plan just for you. If you need that extra motivation to reach your fitness goals, their custom designed cardio fitness programs include instructions on exercise type, frequency and duration. You can receive a weekly or b-weekly workout plan delivered to your mailbox, including advice and consultation with a personal fitness instructor and access to an extensive fitness library.

Cardio Coach™

There no better way to make the time pass and get motivated than listening to energetic music while getting coached by a personal trainer. These types of audio CDs featuring guided treadmill workout programs as well as CDs for any type of exercise machine are produced by Cardio Coach™. Their audio guided workouts can be downloaded to any MP3 player, audio software or exercise machine to help you turn extra pounds into fuel, increase your endurance and make time on the treadmill pass.

Our tip: Keep at at! These motivational audio and video aids will help you along during your treadmill workouts. In a few months from now you'll look in the mirror and say to yourself: It was worth every minute!

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