With the price of gas skyrocketing, many of us would love to have a hybrid car. Some say that the money you would save getting better gas mileage would pay for your new hybrid car. Unfortunately, not all of us have that kind of money up front and can afford to go out and buy a brand new hybrid car. But what if you could make your car into a hybrid? Imagine saving 40% to 75% on average on gas, driving the same car you have now. It’s possible, so read on.
A hybrid simply means that you use something besides only gas to power your car. One way is through the process of electrolysis, using oil and water to power your car. It makes a gas that yields three times the energy compared to gas alone. To do this, you need common tools that are found in most households or that can be bought at any hardware store. Detailed instructions that guide you step by step and are very user-friendly can be found on the Internet in the form of manuals and e-books. Making your car into a hybrid is safe and can be done by the average person.
Not only can making your car into a partly water powered hybrid improve gas mileage, your gears shift smoother. It decreases the amount of noise coming from your engine, because it is actually cleaning your engine every time you drive your car. It is also environmentally much friendlier than when gas only is used, not too mention that there is considerably less gas emitted into the environment.
This technology, surprisingly, has actually been around for decades, but gas companies don’t want this information known. It has the potential to affect the enormous profit they are generating by saving you at the pump. Don’t keep giving them your hard earned money. Make your car into a water powered hybrid today.

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