“It requires a direct dispensation from Heaven to become a walker.”
~Henry David Thoreau

Have you been looking for an easy, fun way to get fit? One that
doesn’t involve costly equipment or a ton of time?

Would you like to:

• Lose weight?
• Improve endurance?
• Tone muscles?
• Enjoy long range health?

Did you know that you can reap these benefits (and more) just by
walking? You can! But, what most people don’t know: in effort to
achieve a certain result, you need to use a specific program (or
a combination of them).

When first making the commitment to a walking program, you’ll need
to establish your goals--ask yourself: “What’s my main fitness

Next, you need only match up your goal to one of these five programs.
Choose from: weight loss, cardio conditioning, muscle toning, long
term health or a combination of all of these.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of each simple program:

* Weight Loss

Benefits: Flatten tummy, shrink hips, tighten thighs, reduce
excessive fat.

Type of walk: Moderate; 45-60 minutes, daily.

Calories expended: 2,000-2,500 per week.

*Cardio Conditioning

Benefits: Strengthens heart, improves aerobic endurance, helps you
perform better during other aerobic activities, and helps you recover
more quickly from physical exertion.

Type of walk: High intensity, brisk pace; 20-30 minutes 3-4 days
per week.

Calories expended: 800-1,000 calories per week.

*Muscle Toning

Benefits: Improve muscle strength, endurance, body firmness and
increase metabolism.

Type of walk: Moderate, with resistance; 20-70 minutes 2-3 days per

Calories expended: 500-3,000 calories per week.

Notes: Use hand weights-light hand or wrist weights and swing them
in a controlled manner. When doing so, flex your arm muscles,
keeping them as close as possible to your trunk.

* Long Term Health

Benefits: Done consistently, this walk will increase energy, reduce
stress and fatigue, improve risk of heart disease, improve mood,
improve self-esteem and ad years to your life.

Type of Walk: Consistent walks; 30+ minutes, daily.

Calories expended 2,000 per week.

* Have it all! Mix up all four.

Type of walk: Choose one program each day, 4 times per week or check
out some of the great walking videos here:

My Mom’s story: When I was a teen-ager my mother and I used to
exercise together. After some years, however, my Mom’s priorities
changed and she found herself about 30 pounds overweight. Once she
made the commitment to make a change, she used the combination of a
daily walk and a sensible diet. The result? She lost one pound per
week for 30 weeks and is back to her thin self once again!

A couple things before you begin. Most importantly, before you begin
any fitness program, check with your doctor. Also, to make your
walking workout a positive experience, invest in proper footwear.
You will want to have flexible sneakers, walking shoes or
(what I usually recommend) “cross-trainers.” They are available
at all sporting goods stores: make the investment, you’ll be glad
you did!

And speaking of proper form, most people also do not realize that
there is a “way” to walk for the greatest benefit. It’s easy:
first, strike the ground with your heel, rolling your foot to your
toe. Then, push off with your toe. Repeat this with your opposite

That's all there is to it! With a little effort and your new
flexible shoes "made for walkin'" you are well on your way to
walking yourself fit!

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