As you sink into your space remember a time when you experienced love or appreciation . . . it can be something as simple as when you looked into the eyes of a baby, or a pet or a cherished friend . . . allow yourself, in this moment, to re-experience those feelings of love or appreciation. . . as you do this notice the area around your heart . . . breathe these feelings of remembered love and appreciation into the area in and around your heart. . . And I want you to imagine that this experience of love and appreciation allows you NOW to locate your own personal heart light . . . however it appears to you… know that you have an internal heart light. . . see it now and switch it to the ON position . . . Good, take a breath into your heart as you continue remembering the feelings of love and appreciation . . . And as you allow yourself to breathe in these feelings, surrender any doubt or thoughts that you are imaging this. . .

Strongly connected to your internal heart light, imagine now that you can broadcast these feelings of love and appreciation out into the world . . . out to every other heart in the world . . . out to every man, woman, child, dolphin, bird, every sentient being . . . practice now broadcasting your purest love to the world and as you do this, knowing that your inner heart light is now in the ON position . . . know that you are beaming a signal to the heart of your soul mate that you are ready and willing to magnetize them into your life see this light emanating from your heart, this light filled with trust and knowingness, see it filling the spaces around your body and beaming out to the world around you . . . breathe into this light, into this loving feeling and continue to broadcast it out around you.

Sink into the deep knowingness that your soul mate has been touched, just now, by the energy of your heart. Breathe into the deep knowingness that he or she IS on the way. Rest assured that every cell of your being now knows that your soul mate is on the way.

You do not need to know the when, the where, the how of your meeting . . . just rest in the YES that they are indeed coming to you. And allow that thought to bring a smile across your lips. Tell yourself now that it is safe to keep your heart-light on . . . know that you are loved and protected and ready . . . remember that you have much love to give and much love to receive. Know that as you savor the waiting for your soul mate to appear, you can give your love to all around you and as you do this, your heart-light beams stronger and brighter with each loving thought you have. And when you are ready open your eyes remembering to keep your heart open as you do.

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Arielle Ford is a professional, previously unmarried woman who is revealing her secret to finding romance, love, marriage, and a perfect soulmate. She discovered how to take her professional success and apply it to her personal life, and she has never been happier. Now she wants to share that secret with you. Learn how to find your soulmate at