At lunch today a fellow professional speaker, Marie Pollack, talked about how she developed a habit of journaling what she learned each day. I asked myself why I had never thought of this.

Because of Marie’s example, I started a daily lesson journal. I have not kept a diary or journal as I imagined I would just log mundane events. However, the two minutes it takes to log the day’s lesson is a great antidote to aging. It prods you to look for the good and for the lesson.

Learning something new each day is a great way to stay young. Learning a lesson every day is even better. If you learn more than 300 lessons a year, you are destined to be a very wise person. Will they all be keepers? If only ten percent seem profound next year, you still have about three dozen a year.

How does one become a family patriarch or matriarch? Learning hundreds of lessons a year makes you a natural. Want to pass on a legacy to children, grandchildren, or others? How many people learn several hundred lessons each year?

An insight is usually but a fleeting idea unless it is captured on paper. What could be a simpler way to stay young, positive, and see the big picture than logging a lesson a day? Writing is one of the best antidotes to aging I know.

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