The skill games industry has seen an exponential increase in its intrinsic participation in the past 2 years. Ideally the concept of skill games, gaming ,playing games in their most rudimentary form has been one that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The very new and exciting uVme skill games platform will be launched on the 21st January 2008 bringing a culmination of exciting technology coupled with characteristic state of the art online skill gaming “ know how “to the world and its web. Configuratively the uVme stage is clear , precise extremely user friendly and offers colourful ,vibrant interactive games.

The network behind uVme is a very receptive and supportive organisation whose Co-Founders Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald are always at hand and welcomingly available. The Administrative uVme back office offers live telephone support in six languages including English ,Italian ,French , Spanish ,German, Portuguese and Russian. There will be more languages to follow in due course.

As a regular Gamer myself , I have often experienced lengthy delays and ticketing systems with other organisations…very frustrating!!. Rest assured that the uVme games platform support is there to assist and for you to maximise your entertainment.

An integral part of the uVme network is the Instant Messenger facility which is an excellent invitation tool for participants to invite and challenge , friends , contacts worldwide. Massively multiplayer tournaments can be created with fabulous cash prizes to be won. I suppose the concept of “ Play 4 Cash “ will figure highly on the agenda of many players and challengers alike. The interactive games interface and the more widely recognised social networking and social community concept really will create a games arena for everyone.

The psychology of gaming can be viewed in many ways. In essence , the primeval desire to conquer and win will always be around at different levels of intensity. Moreover , the very heart of gaming picks up on many mixed emotions….what better place to release these through the uVme suite of games.

There is also another side to this theme which ordinary players will have the opportunity to explore. The business opportunity whether it is for Entrepreneurs , Affiliate Marketers, Home based business seekers and an equally the growing MOMs at home sector may certainly benefit financially. Statistically, Moms at home have been seen to be a growing market sector for online skill and casual gaming. This of course doesn’t surprise me as North American , Chinese and European women have been evidenced as supporting this growing trend. It is seen by many that they are adding a great deal of financial value to the industry.

The added value per US$ derived from skill gaming is as great as it has ever been and is estimated to be worth US$ 412 per second within the next couple of years. Recent US Statutes have restricted traditional forms of gambling which in many areas has led to the derivation and development of other lucrative income areas ,namely skill gaming. The upshot of this is that the big betting agencies are starting to capitalise on the growth within this market to further enhance their market share and of course revenue.
Subtle advertising through many media outlets and channels again has centred on particular groups such as women .

All in all uVme presents a wonderful simple solution to a growth area in terms of its location , games and ethos.

Author's Bio: 

Johnny Sorrento is the author of this article and is a full time internet marketer living in the bustling and exciting Capital city of Cardiff in South Wales, UK. Johnny is also a leading associate for the brand new global skill games business, uVme.

Come and check out the uVme games and the international Business Opportunity From Home today.