Are you aggressive, assertive good at solving problems and like to be in control? If so, your personality type is likely that of the Determined Doer.

The dominant personality type is persistent and focused on goals. If you fall into this category, you are good at making decisions and following through with them. You probably have lots of energy, and the ability to concentrate it on getting things done. You are determined to succeed, and you are ready and willing to take action. Challenges? You welcome them.

Doers Are Task Oriented

One of the distinct features of the Irresistible Woman™ personality types is whether they are task-oriented or people-oriented. Doers tend to focus on tasks. They like to get things done, and they are usually willing to do them themselves if necessary – which they tend to feel is most of the time.

Dominant personality types also enjoy a challenge. They possess the decisiveness to solve problems quickly and effectively. They are often uninterested in researching before making a decision, and will often pass that responsibility on to someone else if it is necessary. But more often than not, they will feel that it isn’t.

Doers Are Outgoing

Another important tendency of doers is that they are extroverted, or outgoing. They don’t mind speaking to people that they barely know, or even giving them orders. This makes them natural leaders, but they sometimes have trouble seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

Communication Style

Those with dominant personalities tend to tell rather than ask. This can lead others to feel that they are bossy, sometimes leading to resentment. Doers may clash with other doers, because they both want to be in charge.

Doers are also talkers rather than listeners due to their outgoing nature. Introverted personality types, while often good listeners, may be put off by the doer’s constant talking.

They may also become frustrated when you don’t listen to what they have to say. Granted, they probably talk a lot less than you, but when they do say something it is important for them to feel that they are being heard. An Irresistible Woman™ knows when to stop talking and listen.

Doers often do not think before they speak. This can cause them to say things they may not mean, and often leads to hurt feelings. People sometimes consider them insensitive.

Things to Work On

Although Determined Doers are usually quite successful in life, they have several weaknesses. Patience, for example, is not a doer’s strong point. They are often intolerant of anything that slows them down, regardless of whether they have any control over it or not.

This can strain relationships with friends, family and coworkers. Working to be more patient could lead to less stress for the doer and those around him. An Irresistible Woman™ knows how to be patient when it’s the wise thing to do.

Doers may not show their feelings, and they may have trouble maintaining good relationships. As a doer, tuning into your own feelings and those of others will be to your advantage. This will lead to more success and assist you in becoming an even greater irresistible leader.

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Christina Wiley is an Irresistible Woman™ Coach, Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Leadership Training Specialist. Christina empowers every woman to become an Irresistible Woman™ in their personal relationships with others and with themselves. Visit for more tips on how to become an Irresistible Woman™ and register to claim your free copy of 20 tips to help you become the Irresistible Woman™ you were meant to be.