According to an article from the "Scientific American", on average the levels of harmful chemical indoors are on average 3 to 5 times, but as much as 1000 times higher than levels outdoors, even in the most polluted areas of the country".

What are toxins?

A toxin is any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body, undermining our health or stressing our biochemical or organ functions. This may result from drugs, which have side effects.

Toxicity occurs on two basic levels-external and internal. We can obtain toxins from our environment by breathing them, by ingesting them, or through physical contact with them.

Toxins are agents that are able to cause body harm. There are two kinds of toxins, the internal and external toxins.

What causes toxins in the body?

• inhalation of smoking
• air pollution
• dental amalgam fillings
• sick buildings
• chemical residues on food
• chemicals in water,
• drugs
• vaccinations
• flu shots
• tattoos
• chemicals from synthetic fabrics
• paints
• plastics
• pesticides
• chemical fertilizers sprayed on lawns
• medical x-rays
• nuclear power plants
• bomb testing
• uranium mine tailings
• cell phones and towers
• computer monitors
• televisions
• microwave ovens
• power grid and radio and satellite transmissions

What does it mean to detoxify the body?

Your body wants to live forever; it wants to be free from all pain and illness; it actively desires complete healing to take place within it at all times. Your body is your friend and partner and this is why you need to take care of your body in your effort to regain optimum health. One way of doing this is by detoxifying the body.

The different types of detoxification

Detoxification occurs on many other levels. You can detoxify the body mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Mental detoxification

Cleansing our minds of negative thought patterns is essential to health; the physical detoxification also helps this mental process. Emotionally, detoxification helps us uncover and express feelings, especially hidden frustrations, anger, resentments, or fear, and replace them with forgiveness, love, joy, and hope.
Spiritual detoxification

On a spiritual level, many people experience new clarity and/or an enhancement of their purpose of life during cleansing processes. A light detox over a couple of days can help us feel better, while a longer process and deeper commitment to a new way of life, such as eliminating certain abusive habits and eating a better diet, will help us really change our whole life.

Physically, this process can help clear congestions, illnesses, and disease potential. It can improve energy. When you physically detoxify (toxins) from the body this is a natural process that aids in the function of cleaning, clearing and cleansing, getting rid of waste and toxins from the body, are normally typically handled by organs like the liver, lower gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Doctors and advocates suggested that these processes are beneficial for health, well-being and even longevity. Doctors realize that balanced living, intervention-type practices and techniques can achieve riding toxins. Some of these might include processes like dialysis and (in a very limited number of cases) even chelation therapy.

Detoxification, falls within the spectrum or realm of alternative medicines that typically has to do with methods used in place of, or in addition to, conventional medical treatments. It has many benefits to offer. It has to be planned and managed well, so you can achieve optimal success and results.

How can I detoxify my body?

Here are just some of these conceptual clarifications, descriptions and definitions of detoxification.


• Detoxification is referred to as a cleansing of the body for healing purposes, getting equilibrium and balance back, and to get harmful substances out of the body naturally

• Abstinence

• Clearing things from the body and human system

• Support provided on all levels for all the demands and realities of the physiological and psychological changes. This includes shock and withdrawal. These real processes, effects and outcomes can be risky or even fatal if not done correctly. This is why you must educate yourself on the topic before you detoxify for body. If done properly you will see a huge improvement in all areas of your body and mind.

The Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body when it comes to detoxifying or getting rid of foreign substances or toxins. It is one of our most important detox organs because of its many metabolic functions.

Certain authorities suggest liver-supportive nutrients and even a liver glandular during general detoxification. The liver needs water and glycogen (glucose storage) as glucuronic acid for many of its detoxification functions.

A higher starch or carbohydrate diet with lower levels of protein and fats is helpful. The natural substances listed below can help flush the toxins out of your liver.

• Brown rice
• Vegetables
• The B vitamins (especially B3 and B6)
• Vitamins A
• Vitamin C
• Zinc
• Calcium
• Vitamin E
• Selenium
• L-cysteine
• Several amino acids are helpful in detoxification, particularly the sulfur-containing ones

Cysteine and methionine. L-cysteine supplies sulfhydryl groups, which help to prevent oxidation and to bind heavy metals, especially mercury (vitamin C and selenium can help you with this.

Cysteine is the precursor of glutathione, our most important detoxifier, and thus helps to counter many chemicals and carcinogens.

Glutathione is part of detoxification enzymes, specifically glutathione peroxidase and reductase, which work to prevent peroxidation of lipids and to decrease many toxins, such as smoke, radiation, auto exhaust, chemicals and drugs, and many other carcinogens.

Below are herbals that can help cleanse out your liver.

• Milk thistle
• Psyllium seed husks
• Pectin
• Aloe Vera
• Alginates
• Colon herbs such as the Whole Body Cleanse and ColonClenz

These help cleanse mucus along the small intestine, create bulk in the colon, and pull toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. When fiber is combined with one or two tablespoons of olive oil, it helps bind toxins and reduce absorption of fats as well as some basic minerals.

Remember, you should drink plenty of water during any type of detox program to help dilute and eliminate toxin accumulations. It is likely the most important detoxifier. It helps clean us through our skin and kidneys, and it improves our sweating with exercise. Eight to ten glasses a day (depending on our size and activity level) of clean, filtered water is suggested by practitioners.

The Colon

The colon is the sewer of your body. If it is not cleansed, the waste in your body cannot get out. According to some estimates, about over 140 million people suffer from bowel problems. These statistics cover only those people whose problems are severe enough to cause them to consult a medical doctor. The body's tissues will not eliminate wastes unless the colon is working. The bodily systems are connected. When the colon is cleaned out, the body will start pulling poisons out from everywhere, because it can. Wastes from the colon can leak out and pollute other organs. Other organs can be treated with natural methods--with only partial results--because these organs keep being re-infected or re-irritated by poisons from the colon.

If the toxins stay in your colon long enough, it will leak into your body and cause what is called autointoxication. These diverticula cannot usually be detected inside the colon with colonoscopy, but on the outside of the colon where you cannot see. The bowel pockets leak pus, blood, and fecal matter back into the bloodstream.

When the body is toxic, the cells cannot receive nutrients from the blood because the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells is plugged-up with wastes from sluggish lymphatics. This internal poisoning also causes mental depression and morbid thoughts. It is a vicious cycle--one condition feeding the other like a dog chasing its tail. Most people, instead of cleaning out their colons use incense, air wicks, underarm deodorants, foot powder, mouthwash, toothpaste, breath fresheners, perfumed sprays and colognes to cover up their stink because they are filled with impacted fecal matter. If the colon is not cleansed, the other organs cannot cleanse their waste. If a person cannot get the bowels cleaned out, even if they clean the plaque out of the arteries--it is going to go back into the body. They will just re-absorb it. Unless they clean out the colon, they will never regain their optimum health.

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