Leanness is a goal most of us are pursuing most of the time. We do it with exercise, calorie restrictions and just about anything else that might help from hypnosis to herbal teas.

Some of you may already be familiar with the work of Dr. Oleg Yasko. He's a remarkable Russian naturopath who developed the original Revitalized Water. Just to fill you in, this structured water is made to be bio- available to all of the bodies cells. You can get more info on the website..........

More recently, Dr Yasko has been busy developing Bio-Activated Revitalized Waters. These remarkable products are made to resonate with the energy frequency of many common remedies that we would all be seeking out. There are Sleep Support, Stress Arrest, and many more. I took the Bio -Activated Insulin, no drug just the vibe.

Disclaimer or not, I got relieved of my low blood sugar.

Now here's the real news.

Last fall, Dr. Oleg added Body Reshape to his list of good stuff. He was inspired by the work of Dr. Simeons who had developed a treatment using injections of hCG { a hormone produce in women during pregnancy}. This protocol from the 1950s, has new popularity thanks to the internet and Kevin Trudeau's book. This works and works well.

The Revitalized Living Lean Program uses only Bio-Activated waters to get the same results!

*Reduce or eliminate appetite
*Induce lose of "belly" fat
*Created a sense of wellbeing
* Maintain energy levels while reducing calorie intake
*Get leaner by an average of a pound every day
*Rejuvenate skin texture

I know it sounds too good, way too good. I saw Dr. Oleg get over thirty three pounds leaner in about thirty days.

Still, I seriously doubted that I could expect any real results. You see, I am a post-menopausal woman with the thickened midsection and a history of tenacious failure on many weighty programs, even the master cleanser failed to work for me!

First, I decided to stop dieting and start LIVING LEAN! I set a weight goal to move toward as I worked through the program. ON my first month long cycle of the program, I got from 178 to 155. It was easy! The second round was slower than my initial 3/4 lb. per day and I still arrived at my newer goal of 145 and stayed there effortlessly! No longer in dread of eating since my set point really was re-set and I could eat "normally" without the regain I used to suffer.

I'll be letting you know how it turns out. I am 5'8" and my new goal weight of 135lbs may be in reach at last.

By the way, though I can only speak for myself, I've shared this "unbelievable" with friends who have had even more spectacular results. A fellow I turned on to this went from 240lbs to 185 lbs in only thirty-five days.

I am just starting a third round of the program.

Have I piqued your interest? Can you imagine finally getting and staying lean? If this means anything to you, you can just check it out with the greater folks at Dr Yasko's office.

It may well be time for you to start LIVING LEAN!

Very Sincerely,
Dr. Oleg Yasko
Your leanness correspondent

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Yasko is an AANC (American Association of Nutritional Consultants) certified nutritional consultant, a naturopathic physician with the American Naturopathic Medical Association, a certified EAV practitioner, and was granted an honorary degree as doctor of alternative medicine by the international Zoroastrian College. He is a member of the Coalition for Natural Health and has sponsored several educational seminars and scientific symposiums on the problems in the ecology of water. He is the founder and CEO of Revitalized Technologies. Most recently he acted as the main consultant in the production of the award-winning Russian documentary of 2006, VODA, on the subject of water and its many facets and complexities. http://www.revitalizedbiogenic.com

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