The law of attraction is an effective if little known way to attract money. The very basics of this law states that if you focus all of your energy to attracting money and you use money in a positive manner, you can attract money. This means that when you give gifts or use money for others you use it with love and give the money your blessing. Many look at this as positive thinking but it is really much more intense then just thinking positively.

When trying to attract money you have to use both your conscious and subconscious energy to focus on attracting money. You have to enjoy money and get rid of any ideas that having too much money is wrongs and that there is something noble about suffering and being poor. All of that is nonsense and no one understands that better then those that are wealthy. They understand the power that money and attracting money has.

To focus all of your energy to attracting money it is suggested you begin a course of meditation and internal reflection. You first need to understand your reaction to money as many people do actually have an internal resistance. Most individuals feel guilty if they are presented with a large sum of money and they did not work for this. While those that are focused on attracting money would not question the instant.

Having a healthy respect and love for money is a great way to help get your focus on track. Having a healthy respect means you do not only attract money but you use money in a beneficial, smart and caring way. To attract money you cannot be a scrooge but you need to let that money out into the market with your blessing. You can give gifts to people or do something as simple as donating a few coins to a charity every single day.

To attract money you actually need to be carrying money. Money will attract money and credit cards will attract debt. Instead of carrying a credit card switch to a debit card as many people do not like to carry large sums of money.

You can use a combination of the above ideas to begin attracting money today. Visualization and meditation will not only help you attract money but you will feel more relaxed and energized, ready to go out and accomplish your goals.

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