NeuroConnecting has the unique ability of "decompensating" the body.

When there is an injury to the body, the brain automatically removes that specific tissue from use by what we all know and call: "Compensating".

NeuroConnecting can "decompensate" the body.

When Brad (a 14 year old boy) physically ran into a tree because he had his head turned at that moment, his entire right side was injured and the left side took up the burden of movement as a result of that injury. In one 45 minutes NeuroConnecting session, Brad's right side began to be "decompensated" and the previously AWOL tissues began to share the burden of labor that was originally designed into his body. Brad did not recognize anything unique had improved in his body function, until he was questioned about his cross country performance. He happened to remember that the first CC mile run following his healing session, he dropped an entire minute off his time and he surprisingly had excess energy to spare at the conclusion of his race.

NeuroConnecting "decompensates" the body, whether that means the neck or the back... a back that has been decompensated will literally have an instant measureable increase in Range of Motion, as well as an increase in movement fluidity and reduction in pain. Additional benefits include evening out of shoulder level and increased r.o.m.

How does this work?

NeuroConnecting utilizes the pineal portion of the brain to deliver melatonin directly to stressed tissue (including the brain) thus forcing instantaneous decompensation, instant increase in communication with the brain which translates into "immediate, improved control of the tissue by the brain."

In brevity, there are 3 facets to melatonin... dopamine (a feel good facet), anti-inflammatory (reduce that inflammation and increase the blood flow), and a neurotransmitter (which forces tissue to be immediately communicating with the brain as an improved level.) Together these 3 facets transform the compensated tissue into "online" fully cooperating tissue once again.

For backs and necks, that means increased strength and mobility are the result.

This new and powerful protocol can be taught to others. Use my contact information to inquire as to how you can gather a group of students to learn NeuroConnecting and begin transforming the lives around you!

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BA Psychology
Master of Divinity