There are different methods for achieving wealth, happiness or success. One of the best and most enjoyable is visualization. If you do it right you are on the way to your goals. If not, it might be just dreaming.

What is visualization? For the purpose of manifestation and attraction, visualization means experiencing what you want to achieve in the future, in the present. For us there is past, present and future, but everything is the same energy. By experiencing something now in my mind I can attract it to me. Of course there is a buffer of time. We must wait to see the results of our visualizations.

The word visualization suggests that we must see things in our mind. But it's not true. There are three kinds of people: visually oriented, feeling oriented (kinesthetic) and auditory oriented.

If you are a visually oriented person it will be the easiest for you to see an actual image. If you are a feeling oriented person it will be the easiest for you to imagine physical sensation. If you are an auditory person it will be the easiest for you to hear a narration in your mind about it. If you don't know yet what kind of person you are, do all three kinds and you will find out which suits you the best. Some people combine all three ways of visualizing and if you are comfortable with it that would be the best. Whatever works for you, do it as often as you want, but you should enjoy the process, don't make it a chore.

Sit down or lie down comfortably and visualize. Feel what you experiencing in your mind. The more feeling you put in your visualization the quicker you will manifest your desires.

Important thing is not to get attached to your dreams. When you visualize just enjoy it. Don't get impatient. Don't think when it comes. Very helpful with visualizations is Sedona Method. Using Sedona Method you can let go of your feelings and thoughts that say you can't get it. You can achieve the state "I don't give a hoot if I get it or not". In such a state it's easy to manifest your desires.

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