The Energy of Ignoring

Throughout my life I was told, as I am sure you were, that if something was bothering you to ignore it. If you were feeling badly about something that happened or the way someone treated you, "ignore it" was the parental prescription. Little did our parents or the authority figures in our lives know that the very thing they were instructing you to do was the most toxic of all possible responses.

When we look at the things that bother us and we ignore them, two major things are happening. The first is that we have lost part of our energy, or life force, in the activity of ignoring. It takes energy to ignore and it takes us off purpose. When some of our life force is not present with us, we are not operating from the full capacity of our being.

The second thing that happens and, energetically, this is worse, is that the energy of ignoring is similar to the energy of dismissal. Dr. Emoto speaks of this in his Messages from Water where he details the experiment in which 3 jars of rice were consciously given 3 different experiences. The first received love and gratitude, the second received hate, and the third received nothing. It was ignored. Which jar of rice do you think rotted first?

If you guessed the one that was hated, guess again. It was the one that was ignored. This conscious choice to withhold energy has a worse consequence than the choice to hate! If you have someone or something in your life that you no longer desire, then it is time to take action. Eliminate that which you are ignoring from your field.

Principles of Attraction dictate that you will receive what you radiate! When you ignore yourself or others, you attract that energy to you. Choose today to become acutely aware of everything and everyone you are ignoring. Take a coach approach and do it, delegate it or dump it! Be at choice in all your relationships and choose to eliminate the dynamic of ignoring from your way of being.

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Author's Bio: 

Karen Vizer has an extensive background in business administration and management as an executive in healthcare prior starting her own business. Karen received her coaching education from Corporate Coach University, and Coach U. She is a founding member of Coachville and is a member of the School of Coaching. Karen is internationally known as a coach, writer and is the first coach in the world to integrate bio-resonnance technology of the WaveMaker™ in her coaching practice. Karen founded Rockit Coaching™ in December 2004. The vision of Rockit Coaching processes show you how to become aligned with the field of intention to manifest your desires. When your state of being is one that embraces your own magnificent life; you step into the full expression of who you are in this world and you align with your Fractal Code™, (your purpose) bringing forth the gift only you can share with humanity. Your contribution has value!