Money often shows up as an area of concern for my coaching clients and may be a concern for you. The STRESS that goes along with not having enough, having low or no reserves or not managing what you do have can impact every other area of your life. Conflict about money is one of the main reasons relationships fail.

Many authors have been on the best sellers list with books and references on the subject of money. Seminars on financial planning are being expanded to include education about money and how it works. The truth is that MOST of us are uneducated about money, how it works and how to use it. We also tend to be unaware of the parental and societal modeling and conditioning that creates or contributes to our relationship with money. At one time I held attitudes that were not the attitudes of financial wellness. I had to change my mind and my relationship with money. It was necessary to become aware of the habits and beliefs that governed this relationship in order to change it. Focusing on lack will not create abundance.

If we are to change our circumstances, we must go inside and change our relationship with money. This includes changing limiting beliefs, being comfortable with the idea of having more and being grateful for what we have and sharing it. Then we must work on the outside, and identify where our money goes, balance our accounts, ask for help from qualified professionals cut our expenses, repair our credit and become debt free.

We are fortunate because with the Rockit Coaching™ Processes and tools, we can erase the habits and beliefs of conditioning in this area and create a more abundant life for ourselves and our clients. Formulating and optimizing intentions for what you most desire is a great first step. Here are 10 more:

1. Change your beliefs. Thoughts have great power and poor thoughts will create poor results.

2. Intend to have financial integrity and intelligence. Choose to become educated about money and how it works. Instead of avoiding or ignoring, choose to become present to the energy of money. Be respectful of money. You cannot attract money if you are not respectful of it.

3. Respect yourself. If someone owes you money, you must ask to have that money paid back. If you are not earning what you should be, you must ask for a raise or raise your fees (if you are self employed). Notice the thoughts that surface in you when you think about increasing your fees or asking for more money. Balance your accounts and pay your bills on time. Learn what you can about money.

4. Trade only when you are receiving something that you WANT and VALUE. The opportunities to trade services are all around us. When choosing trades it is important to be clear on the value of the services being traded and more importantly the value and benefit of the trade for you as the recipient of it. It must be a fair exchange. Do not trade from a place of lack. Lack attracts lack!

5. Share what you have. I am not suggesting that you give away in a way that interferes with your financial well-being. Rather I am suggesting that you donate things you no longer need to a favorite charity, volunteer aid at a local thrift shop or soup kitchen, or help a friend in need. Tithing is a wonderful practice and is not limited to money. Many practice tithing with awareness that time, talents and treasures are all energetic representations of value that may be tithed. Everyone has something they can give.

6. Know where your money goes. If you have ever listened to Suze Orman, she often speaks of the amount of money people spend on Lattes when they could make coffee at home for a fraction of the cost. Think about it; $4.00 per day 365 days per year is $1260 per year on coffee.

7. Cut your expenses. Notice where the money you are spending is not serving you and eliminate these expenses. Allow yourself to notice what you are spending that is in the should arena or in the land of resisting feeling things fully. We often spend to avoid feeling

8. Develop a vision of what your life will be like when you have financial wellness. See yourself in this vision. The more detailed the better. The idea here is to get comfortable with more. There is a universal law of increase and the truth is that we are either in increase or decrease. Since we have the power to choose, choose increase.

9. Become debt free. A coach I know has a system to retire debt. He teaches his clients to starts by identifying the one debt that is the most costly and focusing on paying that one first. Any unexpected income or savings from changes, to how you spend money (remember the lattes?) go towards that debt and all other debts are given minimum payments plus $10/month only. This process is repeated until one is free of all debt.

10. Develop the attitude of gratitude. Practicing daily gratitude for all of your gifts is one of the actions you can take that invites more abundance into your life. Keep a daily gratitude journal of the 10 things you are grateful for. Remember energy flows where attention goes. If you are radiating gratitude you will attract more to be grateful for!

11. Give yourself an “A” today! Today is a new day and there is nothing we can do about past decisions except learn from them and let go. If something from the past is troubling you work with your coach to shift the energy of those thoughts. Hold yourself as capable and competent and give yourself an “A” for your journey!
“You can’t climb uphill by thinking downhill thoughts.”

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Karen Vizer has an extensive background in business administration and management as an executive in healthcare prior starting her own business. Karen received her coaching education from Corporate Coach University, and Coach U. She is a founding member of Coachville and is a member of the School of Coaching. Karen is internationally known as a coach, writer and is the first coach in the world to integrate bio-resonnance technology of the WaveMaker™ in her coaching practice. Karen founded Rockit Coaching™ in December 2004. The vision of Rockit Coaching processes show you how to become aligned with the field of intention to manifest your desires. When your state of being is one that embraces your own magnificent life; you step into the full expression of who you are in this world and you align with your Fractal Code™, (your purpose) bringing forth the gift only you can share with humanity. Your contribution has value!
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