There are two basic and very simple ways to make your relationship the most
fabulous it can be. What are these tips? You will be delighted to know that
they are so simple, you can begin to experience their magic immediately.

First, as basic and common sense as it sounds - you have to remember that
your partner or your spouse is not you. That’s right — not you. He or she is
a person unique and very different from you, no matter how much you have in
common. When you really appreciate this basic fact, you can accept and value
that the one you love will have all sorts of different behaviors, feelings,
responses, and desires that are very different from yours - and unless they
are abusive or destructive - these differences are not and cannot be WRONG!
Only different.

After all, wouldn’t life be boring if you were married to someone who was
exactly like you? There’d never be any surprises, nothing new and exciting
could occur and you wouldn’t have any help in learning new things about
yourself or about life. That’s not a fabulous relationship at all. Yes, it
would be predictable, but is that what you REALLY want?

Well, if your answer is “No” just begin to tell the one you love how much
you appreciate all the many ways he or she is different from you. Make sure
you really do appreciate it. And become more aware of how these
differences, while enriching your relationship, can help towards making your
whole life more fabulous!

Now love can be an adventure of discovery instead of a prolonged and painful
war over who’s right and who’s wrong. After all, the only way you can ever
truly love someone is to love them for how they’re different from you, if
you only love how they’re like you -- then you’re only in love with yourself!

The second tip is that one of the most loving and respectful things we can
give to one another is the simple act of curiosity. Never take your partner
for granted. That is the death of a fabulous love. Never assume that you
already know how your spouse is going to think or feel about something. Ask.
Find out. Become curious. Being curious and really listening, really
learning about your loved one, can be the greatest aphrodisiac there is.

After all, isn’t it a thrill to have someone really want to get to know you,
want to recognize and value you for who you truly are? Well, that’s the
magical power of curiosity -- you get to be loved for who you really are!
And, after all, isn’t that what we really want? And as you and your partner
get to know each other better, you can both discover and embrace those
differences that make your relationship truly fabulous.

So don’t forget. Be curious. Open your heart to wanting to get to know
your partner better. And, after all, for your relationship to be truly fabulous,
you DO need to continually get to know your special sweetheart -- better
and better.

So start practicing these tips today. Your fabulous relationship is
right around the corner of your curiosity and respect for differences!

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Husband-and-wife psychology team and Internet marketers Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. pioneered a heart-based approach to Soft Sell Marketing. They’ve taken
that approach into producing “Bridging Heart and Marketing” - their unique, first-time-ever Internet marketing conference dedicated to the specific needs of the Soft Sell marketing community - for whom the typical hard sell "hype" doesn't fit.

By Soft Sell they’re referring to all the personal growth, healing and life-enhancement providers who market services and products. Unlike typical hard sell tactics, Soft Sell Marketing reinforces a caring and trustworthy relationship between marketers and the prospects and customers they want to attract.