Here is a typical day at a nudist resort.

When you drive through the gates of a nudist resort, the outside "textile" world ceases to exist. You see families and children nude and just enjoying themselves. You might see them socializing around the pool or in the jacuzzi or maybe playing water volleyball or tennis. There are lots of fun activites for the children as well. There is a lot of socializing and very friendly people. Strangers become friends almost immediately. Someone is having a party or a potluck and everyone is invited. There is a dance and maybe a band that we are all looking forward to in the evening. Oh and look, there is the weekly Texas Holdum Card Game going on by the pool. We all have something in common. We are nude, and we have nothing to hide. Lawyers and blue color workers become friends. Everyone is the same in a nudist resort. There are people of all different sizes, women with mastectomies and people in wheelchairs.
Contrary to popular belief, the nudist lifestyle has nothing to do with sex or swinging. There is no sexual touching permitted, and you NEVER see a man with an erection.

It is very difficult for single men to join nudist resorts and many nudist resorts do not allow single men to visit unless they are accompanied by a woman. This is to protect the children. If a single man requests to join, they are put through a very intense background check, which is why I personally feel safe at a nudist club. I rarely go to nude beaches. The last nude beach I went to was a few years ago in St. Maartin.

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I have been a nudist since 1992.