Quick Checklist to See WHY You May Be Attracting What You Don’t Want

With so much excitement about the Law of Attraction around the World, I am getting lots of emails with questions, comments. My database of articles is birthed from questions that readers of Law of Attraction are asking me. Today’s article is likely one of the most popular questions I get. It’s a quick read and a valuable lesson.

Given the amount of great emails I receive, a lot of you enjoy it when you attract positive things into your life. Some of you (myself included) love to celebrate these positive moments, thus, deliberately sending out a positive vibration.

But what about those negative things that you are attracting? Is it possible that YOU are sending a negative vibe? Well, we know the answer to that question. Yes, you must be sending a negative vibration if you are attracting negative things.

I’ve been mentoring a few friends on The Law of Attraction, As a measure of how much I feel they know about Law of Attraction during our sessions, I will ask them the question, “What are 4 reasons why people would be attracting things they don’t want”?

So for all of you that are curious as to why you are attracting what you DON’T want, see how many of the following scenarios are a match for you. Check off the column that matches you.
Common reasons why you are attracting what you DON’T want

That's me

That's not me
1. Using Don’t, Not and No
2. Observing What You DON’T want
3. Limited Beliefs
4. Talking about what you don’t want

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