Have you been looking forward to a special event only to wake up the day before the occasion with a large red pimple beginning to sprout on the end of your nose? Your special day might be ruined when that ugly zit shows up might be in plain view for everyone to see!

Yes, acne is embarrassing! You're desperate to do anything to get rid of it, but it might be that so far you haven't been all that successful in winning your war against acne.

If the above paragraphs describe you, then you are in need of a few tips concerning how you can win your own personal war against pimples.

However, one size solution doesn't fit all when it comes to acne because different people have varying degrees of the severity of the problem. If you don't have that much of problem with pimples, but you really want to return to the clear skin you used to enjoy, you'll probably get along fine by remembering these tips:

1. Be sure you keep your face scrupulously clean by gently washing it two times a day at least.

2. Try an acne product that contains benzyl peroxide.

3. When your pimples do make their appearance, keep your fingers off of them. After all, do you really want to permanently scar your face?

If you suffer with severe acne, choose a dermatologist to help you win your war against pimples.

He or she can help you get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples with sterile surgical instruments. What your doctor can do for you with these tools, you can't do for yourself because all you'll do is spread your acne probably creating scars in the process.

Besides simple extraction of whiteheads and blackheads and lancing of pimples, your dermatologist has laser therapy to use as an effective weapon to help you regain clear skin. There are a number of other acne weapons that he or she has available to help you -- including dermabrasion.

There are several different kinds of laser treatments available, so be sure to thoroughly research and find out just what types of laser treatments are out there. The Internet is a good place to look to get some basic research on the different types of laser therapy.

Acne laser therapy can be used to treat pimple outbreaks that are persistent as well as reducing scarring that comes with picking pimples. Some types of laser treatments are effective in reducing the size of sebaceous glands that are producing too much oil. That helps put the breaks on persistent pimples.

Acne laser therapy that fights current breakouts can also reduce the inflammation around your pimples.

If you've already scarred yourself by not keeping your fingers away from your pimples, there are a number of different kinds of laser treatments that can help you get rid of these scars or diminish them. What the laser does is help burn away the top layer of your skin so that new skin growth is activated. Laser treatments may be a little uncomfortable, but not really too painful.

Laser therapy does come with a few drawbacks though. If you have dark skin, your complexion may develop irregular coloration after laser treatment.

Besides laser therapy for getting rid of scars, you also have a choice of chemical peels and dermabrasion. All of these methods help remove scarred skin and activate the growth of new cells. In the dermabrasion method, the top layer of skin is actually scraped away so that you scars become less noticeable. As in laser therapy, dermabrasion may cause your skin to become redder for a period of time until the redness goes away.

It's difficult trying to get clear skin back after pimples have been attacking your appearance, but with the advances in medical science on your side -- you are no longer alone in your flight against acne.

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