One of the many challenges we face when working is maintaining our PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. This one factor an make or break our day, and often does. How many times have you got up on a cold cloudy morning and just decided, “I’m not going to have a good day?” Well, they say your words can make it happen, and they are right!

Harry Paul, one of the authors of the now-famous “FISH” series, speaks often of the need to “choose our attitude.” This process works best first thing in the morning, that’s when you decide what kind of day you’re going to have. Another critical point is when you first walk into your workplace for the day. Do you look around you and heave a big sigh at all the work you have to do, or do you jump in with both feet with anticipation? OK, most people hopefully fall somewhere in between; otherwise, you’re going to drive us all crazy. The idea is, if you are approaching your work with the attitude that it’s “just another day at work,” it shows. Pretty soon everyone around you is catching your attitude, and you’ve got a pretty down workplace.

Contrast this with someone who comes into work full of energy and smiles, says, “Good Morning” to everyone they pass, and seems genuinely glad to be there. Isn’t that someone you would like to work with? Most people would. And, trust me, it shows in the office. It shows on the phone, and it shows to your clients.

A trick that helps you to get the PMA is simply to pretend. It’s true, this really really works. Pretend you’re enthusiastic. At first it feels pretty silly, but what you are doing is tricking your brain into believing you’re enthusiastic. Pretty soon you’re believing it, and it gets easier and easier.

Now, no one would expect you to be feeling and acting wonderful every day. Just realize that, most of the time it is a choice, and you alone are responsible for that choice. “Choose Your Attitude,” get your PMA going and make your workplace a better place to work!

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