Can there be life without music? Yes it is possible. But it will be so boring and lackluster that we would not like it that way. Isn’t it true that most of us like to have music in our lives? Do we not feel up and better when we listen to some soft music during rough patches? Do our feet not start tapping in tune with the instruments being played nicely? Yes it happens - and it happens because we are music lovers.

In fact the way music has transformed in recent decades or so is phenomenal. Today music, mobiles and multimedia are all available at one platform and the thin line between distinct technologies is only getting more and more blurred. We can download music on our mobiles, copy it to our PCs and then make CDs for our convenience. What a way to love and appreciate music!

Let us discuss some of the ways with which you can use your simple mobile instrument as a hi-fi system and powerhouse of music.

The mobile-music market is fast growing as more and more people are buying mobile phones to get connected. As people are on the move with their handsets, they want to be entertained, informed and kept abreast with all the latest news. Mobile music does satisfy this very important need for entertainment. Be it a college going teenager or a high flying executive, it is catching up with the imagination of all those who have a passion for music.

Most of the new generation phones are equipped with a music player that supports music stored in various digital formats such as WMA, MP3, M4A and AAC. You can also download the tracks over the air and play it to your liking. It is worthwhile to opt for a phone that has a microSD card of 1 GB to download music software and store your favorite songs and music albums. You can also connect a headphone to the instrument to do multi tasking and to listen to your favorite music without any interruption. So much so that your mobile can act as a perfect substitute for your car audio too with all those built in speakers and sound effects.

Digital music player is the new in thing for those on the move. Today a number of companies in the field such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others are making instruments which cater to this very important segment of the market. A few of these phones come equipped with the latest music software to further enhance the quality of music. The mobile companies also have a tie up with the media for giving you the latest content. The market is huge and ever evolving with not only music, but clippings of your favorite TV programs, news, sports, weather forecast and other contents available on the fly. A win-win situation for every body, is it not?

Today mobile music is so popular that it has overtaken physical music sales in a number of countries. The absolutely breathtaking technology allows you to download music as well as your favorite ring-tones on your mobile. It does not cost you much but gives that personal touch to your instrument.

So if you do not want to be left behind, go for mobile music. You can be a part of a changed world where entertainment and connectivity are getting merged for the benefit of all.

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The author loves mixing music. You can keep up-to-date with the latest music terms with the help of an online music dictionary. Setting up a home recording studio is also not very difficult these days.