We were so uninspired by the range of motivational greetings cards and calendars available to send to clients and friends in the UK, that we decided to coach ourselves and produce our own!!

We made a list of our own favourite motivational quotes and began to match them to black and white photographs that we had in our possession. We also commissioned a lady photographer who was completely in tune with our needs, and once given a brief would go out snapping suitable objects/people!

After weeks of work, we finally fo9und twelve photographs and have matched them with inspirational quotes. We did our market research - had friends, family and coaches look at the range and make useful comments and suggestions. We've ploughed our way through calculations, looked at similar items in the marketplace and decided on supplies for envelopes and cellophane bags. We are fussy so we have sourced only the best!

The results is an initial range of 12 motivational cards and a calendar all of which are suitable for businesses and individuals alike. The response so far from coaches and the general public has been tremendous and we have orders from the USA and Norway to date!

Our next range is hot off the press and available via the website in the next few weeks - inspirational/motivational wallet cards - perfect as a gift to keep in your purse/wallet.

Has it been worth it and is there a moral to this story?? Yes - if you can't find what you are looking for don't wait around for someone else to invent it - do it yourself! You'll feel amazing and achieve your own personal goal - which is what coaching is all about!!

Author's Bio: 

Christine Ware & Janice Levett are Life/Business Coaches in the UK. As well as 'coaching' we 'talk' and sell 'accessories' for coaches. Visit our website at www.high10.co.uk to see us (!) and view our services and full accessories range.