How is your family life? How is your business life? How is your love life? And how is your personal health? Would you like to see improvements? Here’s how to improve all four areas DRAMATICALLY.

Many self-help books have been written in the specific area of how to improve the quality of your life and achieve true happiness. Quite often, the same author writes a succession of books on the subject. That only says that he or she probably doesn’t know how to achieve that desirable result either. Nor does anyone else.

But that was then. Now there is a way. Effective. Guaranteed. Free of charge. It is a process, and we’ll tell you how and where to begin.

The first thing to know is that nothing happens before its time. Therefore, if it is not yet your time to achieve these great results, you won’t. You may not even see such information as this, and even if you saw such information, you wouldn’t pay serious attention to it. If you are paying serious attention to this brief article now, perhaps your time has come.

The time for a lot of people came with September 11, 2001. This is not because the attack on that day was horrific; there have been horrific attacks all over the world, including the United States. The time came for a lot of people because that date happened to fall within a period that marks the beginning of an era of great change for humankind.

If you feel you are doing very well already, is this article for you? Well, we are talking about improvements. No matter how well you are doing, there is always room for improvement, since, as the saying goes, the room for improvement is the largest room in the world.

The second thing to know about improving your life dramatically is the universal Reward Accounting System. (We’ll tell you where to find more free information on this too.) Basically, the Reward Accounting System postulates that every good thing you want from life, such as good health, more happiness, stress-free life, a promotion, a great spouse, or even any spouse, etc. is a reward. And to obtain any reward, you have to first earn it.

How do you earn a reward? By doing Good Deeds. Good Deeds include such simple things as being nice to people around you, picking up a candy wrapper from the sidewalk and dropping it into a trash can, saying ‘hi’ to a stranger. Good Deeds also include such things as giving to a charity, including any panhandler, even if the panhandler is a drug addict.

Do you find yourself resisting this simple listing of Good Deeds? It would happen, if your time has not come. If you are eager for more, perhaps your time is now. If, however, your time has not yet come, you can help things along by – guess what – doing more Good Deeds.

With regard to Good Deeds, you must do them before you can receive the reward. You can request credit and promise to do lots of Good Deeds after you have received your reward or rewards, but it does not work that way. It never has; it never will. You must do your Good Deeds first, and they must be in a reasonable proportion to the reward or rewards you seek.

You cannot possibly deceive the Reward Accounting System by tossing a few coins to a beggar and hope that, as a single person, you have thereby earned a great spouse. The proportion is simply not there.

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