Wealth affirmations are really no different than any other affirmations someone might use. Instead of food, a new girlfriend, or boyfriend, the target is "wealth" and how you define wealth to yourself.

The law of attraction is a natural function each and everyone of us possesses within us. We use this law all of the time either consciously, or unconsciously. If the truth be known, most of us use the law of attraction unconsciously as if we didn't know we had such a powerful force to use at our disposal.

We are always thinking about something all of the time. What we focus on seems to become us in very real ways. The law of attraction brings to us what we think about. This is a very real thing. When we think of us living in poverty, this is what we attract - more of the same. If we concentrate and send out thoughts of riches, this too will become us.

They have discovered through quantum physics that, at the sub atomic level, we influence the world we live in by thinking about it. Our very thoughts are wave actions that go out into the universe. These thought waves are made up of sub atomic particles that are answered in kind. This is the action of the law of attraction, to manifest what we ask for.

The process of declaring affirmations is to engage the law of attraction with intent. Wealth affirmations will work for anyone as long as you can program your mind for success. Programming your mind for wealth and prosperity is the key to making wealth affirmations work for you.

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