I want to write about Wealth Manifestation, the subject that is creating a lot of controversy.

Everybody wants to be wealthy. Many people believe that it is predestined if someone becomes wealthy or poor. Some people believe that we can become wealthy by our own effort. Some people think that blind luck or accident decides if someone becomes wealthy or poor, or something between.

Wealth can mean different things for different people, but for most people wealth means riches or money.

Can wealth be manifested? I'm convinced it can, although it’s not so easy. Everything starts with mind creation. Before new business can be created, someone has to have some idea of it in his or her mind. What decides that some people follow their ideas and become wealthy, but most fail?

Jack Canfield in his book “The Success Principles” presents timeless principles of successful people. The first principles are: “Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life”, “Be Clear Why You’re Here”, “Decide What You Want”, “Believe It’s Possible”, “Believe in Yourself”. There’s no space here to list all sixty-four principles (I recommend reading the book. It’s really good), but most of the principles require to have controlled mind which can be focused on the goal and brings manifestation of that goal.

Focus on the goal, positive attitude, gratefulness, clear vision and all other success principles cannot be applied without mind control. As Charles Haanel writes in The Master Key System “…the secret of all power, all achievement, and all possession depends upon what we ‘think’.” So our mental attitude is the most important thing. To have the right mental attitude we must control our minds and in this way we can manifest what we want to manifest.

One of the synonyms of the word “manifestation” is the word “materialization”. Manifestation is not some kind of magic or miracle. To manifest something right “mental” work is first required which must be followed by “physical” work. Without proper “mental” work or attitude there is no possibility of manifesting wealth, doesn’t matter how hard we work using our bodies.

To control the mind or the right mental attitude isn’t easy, that’s why most people fail. Now thanks to more information about Manifestation and The Law of Attraction, people start learning how to manifest wealth and happiness.
Is wealth manifestation possible? Definitely yes!

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