Let’s challenge a few myths. You know what myths are. Lately we are seeing the changeover of “Hi, I’m with the IRS and I’m here to help you,?from myth to reality. Okay so it won’t take over night. Another business myth is that confident statement spoken by a customer, “My check is in the mail.?And have you noticed the prevailing clothes shopping myth, “One size fits all??Likewise there are myths about selling to dispel. Here are some popular ones to dismiss to improve our revenues, our profits and our customer relationships.

Myth:There’s too much turnover in to invest in training.
Reality:The entire way we think about “work?today is changed; and changing. There’s no longer an employment factor; instead it’s an employability mind set. When management invests in increasing the value of their people, they are investing in the increase of revenues, profits and the most appreciating asset:the customer. People stay where they can grow. And lifelong learning is a part of the growth for employees.

Myth:Marketing gets better results than selling.
Reality: Marketing and selling are relatives. Marketing gets your products to the attention of the customer, or brings your customer to a point of curiosity to want to explore what you offer. Then when you have the customer’s attention from the marketing the selling continues between people. What may have started in the way of an advertisement or word-of-mouth “marketing?is now in your hands to shape into a sale.

Myth:A salesperson sells something to people.
Reality:People buy products, services and ideas. They don’t like being sold ?do you? Today’s professional salespeople inquire about what a customer wants and needs. They listen to their concerns. They help the customer to buy. Seek first to understand before you speak to be understood. This is essential for helping the customer buy.

Myth:Selling is a profession with little ethics.
Reality:It’s true this is the reputation earned in our field by countless unscrupulous salespeople. However those who sell professionally know that their livelihood long term depends on their integrity, honesty and other values that contribute to a character founded in ethicalness. It’s people who either bring ethics or corruptness to the situation. Successful selling depends on ethical behaviors.

Myth:You must be born a salesperson.
Reality:You may have heard this. You may also have heard that the only persons born are baby girls and baby boys. Selling is a skill you learn. You can read about and then apply what you learn. Even more effective is to attend a workshop or learning program where you get the chance to see and hear the facilitator role model the many skills. Possibly you’ll get the chance to practice in this setting. Beyond this a manager or a super salesperson can coach you about the necessary proficiencies. At the highest level you glean insights from the every day selling situations you come across whether your customer buys or whether they walk away without a purchase. Selling is a skill you learn.

Myth:There’s no time to build a relationship.
Reality: All sales have their uniqueness. Relationships are also different. A relationship is a connection or a natural association between two or more people or things. The relationship time may be brief in much of sales, yet there are all the parts of a fundamental relationship:a beginning, a middle and either a continuation or an end. A continuation means your customer either buys from you again, talks about the pleasant experience with you to others or refers others to buy from you. There's a continued connection. Of course without the attitude of striking a positive relationship, there likely will be a disconnect. You get to choose.

And you get to choose your belief:fall victim to the myths or benefit from the realities. How long would you wait to “see?the check when someone says to you “The check is in the mail??You just might want to act even faster to dismiss the myths and invite in the realities of selling to today’s buyer.

Copyright 1998.

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