You have covered the first step of building an attractive and informative website, what now? A website no matter how good is of no use if people don’t ever reach it and see what it has to offer.

This is where Website Promotion steps in. With the high level of competition in every field, it is imperative to have a website promotion campaign that will make your site stand out and get more visitors. Let’s take a look some of the aspects which a good campaign should entail.
Search Engine Optimization

SEO is probably the most important aspect of website promotion. It refers to use of different methods by which your website gets higher rankings in search engine results. There are many techniques available for optimizing your site for search engines, while some of them are encouraged by search engines and are known as white hat techniques, there are other black hat techniques which can get your site blocked on the search engine. White hat SEO refers to proper use of keywords and metadata, good link building, use of proper alt tags, in other words a site which is built keeping humans in mind and not the search engine robots.

Content is king for Website Promotion

There is no doubt that good content will automatically invite people to link to your site and assist in website promotion. You have to keep it interesting, informative, and fresh or else the visitor will lose interest in your site and not come back again. Also remember to avoid keyword stuffing. It refers to the use of a keyword used multiple times in a page just for the purpose of SEO. This technique often makes the content hard to understand. Search engines can identify when this is happening and will not give the site importance. The accepted keyword density is up to 4-5%.

Link Building for Website Promotion

Link building is an important step of website promotion and offers a high return on the investment you make in terms of money, time, and effort. The first thing to look into is Directory Submissions. There are four different types of categories you can have your site listed on – free directories, niche directories, reciprocal links, and paid directories. Apart from these directories, you can also participate in link exchange programs, but remember to watch out for link farms. Another good way of getting one way links to your site is through Article Writing. You can write good articles that are suited to your industry and remember to add your company’s information and link at the end of the article. Then submit your article to various article directories to get good one way links back to your site.

Internet Marketing
You can also opt for internet marketing as part of your website promotion campaign. Apart from the above mentioned search engine optimization, internet marketing also entails search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate programs, and banner advertising.

Offline website Promotion

A good website promotion campaign is one which also exploits the advantages that offline promotion can give. For instance advertising on different mediums like magazine and television, giving away free promotional items like pens with your website address printed on them, and your website address on your business card.

Always remember that website promotion is a crucial requirement for any website. A good campaign will make use of all strategies judiciously and give you the results you are looking for.

Aidan Doran is a freelance author who writes about various technology
related subjects. For more information about aidan visit his website

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Aidan Doran is a freelance author who writes about various technology
related subjects. For more information about aidan visit his website