What do Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, John Meyer, Mandy Moore and Eva Mendes all have in common? They're all on a weight loss diet that just might do them harm.

That's the shocking revelation by weight control expert Dr. Abby Aronowitz , who has uncovered major flaws in The 5 Factor Diet - the hot new celebrity weight loss plan by Harley Pasternak. While the book is selling out in stores and online nationwide - and the Hollywood community is clamoring for Pasternaks' attention - Aronowitz warns all that glitters isn't Hollywood weight loss gold.

"There is little to no evidence that this diet works to help you lose weight - and in fact, there are some studies to show that at least some of the recommendations in the book might actually do a dieter harm," says Aronowitz, director of www.SelfHelpDirectives.com.

Dr. Abby found the following problems with 5 Factor Diet:

1. Recent research for this type of “low glycemic” diet found a greater tendency for gaining back weight and body fat.
2. It did not make dieters lose more weight, eat less, or report less hunger.
3. Ignoring hunger and satiety spells long term failure.
4. Forbidding delicious snacks except for one binge day - is a recipe for disaster.
5. Eating all day long creates too many dangerous opportunities for overeating.

She says, "People would be better served by incororating the following tips:"

1) Incorporate Snacks Into Meals: Including “preferred foods” reduces cheating; satisfaction with control. If ice cream is your passion, try a scoop of all natural flavors on a whole grain toaster waffle for breakfast; 300 calories of fiber, calcium, sugar, protein and fat satisfies appetite.

2) Control The Process: Focusing on lifestyle changes instead of weight loss avoids drastic temporary measures. Yo-yo dieting can increase heart disease, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

3) Hunger And Satiety: Become more in touch with feelings of hunger and satiety. Leaving food on the plate because you’ve had “enough” can be a novel, life affirming experience.

4) Self Acceptance: Moderate lifestyle positively influences genetic blueprints permanently, instead of temporarily overriding set point, and watching weight bounce back. Not the body of your dreams, but your personal best. Offer respect -no insults!

5) Go Natural: A new generation of health food without transfats bears no resemblance to their cardboard or Styrofoam flavored ancestors. For specific recommendations of delicious "healthy junk food" please contact Dr. Aronowitz.

6) Enjoy Movement: Instead of sweating it out five times a week 'till you burn out and quit, try incorporating enjoyable activity once or twice a week forever. Not what experts recommend, but doable!

7) Cope Effectively: Healthy coping strategies can replace emotional eating.

8) No Diets; New Lifestyle: The two-part system of dieting to lose it, and subsequently trying to maintain the loss, ultimately fails most people. Create one reasonable lifestyle that will last forever.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Abby Aronowitz is a psychologist specializing in weight management and body image concerns. She writes a weekly column for eDiets.com, is a frequently quoted expert for WebMD.com, and was formerly a consultant to Weight Watchers International. For more information, please go to http://www.DearDrAbby.com