“Love is the fruit in season at all times and within
reach of every hand.”

Mother Teresa

When I began my television news career many years ago, I remember a co-worker I’ll call George who seemed to hate me. I was an experienced radio journalist when I was hired as a producer for a television station in Saginaw, Michigan

My first Friday night at my new job, my fellow workers took me out to a local tavern. George squeezed in next to me at a crowded booth, as I shared with my fellow workers that I took the producer’s job in hopes I could work my way into a reporter’s spot.

After a swig of beer, George puffed out his chest and said, “I’ve been at the station for ten years and you’ll never be a reporter. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, I guarantee you will never appear on the air!”

I was staggered at his bravado, yet brushed off his comments. I am, after all, a tenacious Aries.

The very next week I was working the night shift when I heard on the police scanner that a woman had smothered her two children. With all the reporters out on stories, the assignment editor sent me with the photographer to snag some interviews and video. That night, on the eleven o’clock news, my hand appeared on TV as I held the microphone for the police chief.

My boss immediately recognized my reporting skills, and soon my face was on the air almost every night. George was peeved to say the least. He began to criticize me to others, and find fault in all my news stories.

Once I interviewed a famous cartoonist who sketched me a quick comic strip with my name in it. I framed the drawing and placed it on my desk. A few days later, the cartoon was missing. A co-worker told me George stole it!

I felt angry and hurt by George’s seemingly deranged antics and told my mother about him. “I just want to steal something of his,” I whined to her.

But my mother was much wiser. “Why not win him over with love?”

“Love! He is the most hateful person I ever met. I would rather gouge his eyes out,” I laughed. Yet the next evening at work, I went and sat at George’s empty desk. Although the thought of him flooded my body with anger, I took a deep breath, shut my eyes and mentally surrounded his desk with love.

I was surprised at the peacefulness that slowly embraced my body. It actually allowed me to release my fury and honestly proclaim love for George. It didn’t matter any more what he had done to me. I was offering him love unconditionally simply because he is another human being on this earth.

I began to pay special attention to George. Instead of avoiding him, I would seek him out for his opinions, surrounding him in love with every encounter.

The change in George was immediate and startling. I could not believe his transformation. I continued to send him love and one day George brought me some luscious vegetables from his organic garden. With pride, he told me all about his efforts to become a master organic gardener.

Over time, I found I liked George. Who would ever guess that my worst enemy would teach me the most powerful lesson of all---LOVE!

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have used this simple love method many times since and experienced the same marvel. When I feel the old annoyance bubbling inside, it’s a whopper relief to simply mentally shoot the maddening person with a puff of love energy. Sometimes all I can manage is to think the word love and walk away.

“Love is a higher energy state,” James Redfield writes in his book The Celestine Vision. When we confront a negative person we can quickly diffuse hate and anger. “We must first send loving energy to the person by focusing on him completely. What we are actually doing is sending spiritual energy to the higher self of the person. That allows him to ease his rigid assumptions.”

Redfield says the love energy works according to your intent. We should never use love to control another person into thinking how we think. It’s about using the higher energy to allow that person to tap into their own higher thinking. The results are remarkable.

A few months ago, I was riding a hotel elevator in New York City when an irate woman got on at the tenth floor. As the doors swished closed she turned to me and let out a string of expletives about how awful the hotel was…the room was small, the elevators slow, and the last straw was the key to her door often jammed.

I immediately surrounded her with love energy, and casually mentioned her jacket was pretty and unique.

Before my very eyes the woman’s body relaxed, her shoulders lifting a few inches. A wide smile replaced the scowl. “I love this jacket too,” she beamed.

As we both exited the elevator, I noticed this woman did not go to the desk to complain. Instead she walked out the door with a bounce in her step. She controlled herself with a little boost of love from me.

“Love is a gift of one’s inner most soul to another so both can be wholer.” Tea Rose

Love uncomplicates your life in many ways. Instead of judging people on a first encounter, immediately send love vibrations. Then watch with joy as the person transforms to their highest self. This allows you both to make a fabulous first impression.

Imagine the changes that could happen on earth if everyone chose love over hate, fear and anger. Everyone responds to love. You can be part of this global transformation, and it’s as easy as saying the word LOVE.

Author's Bio: 

Jill Wellington was a news reporter for 18 years before joining with her mother to write a mystery novel titled Fireworks that teaches the concept of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences. You can read more about the author and her writing by visiting her website at www.stargatepress.com