Human beings suffer. We suffer because we have forethought and we’re not afraid to use it. We believe that we have the power to look into the future and control our destiny. We become so busy preparing for the future that we miss the here and now of our lives. We feel that we can only be happy in the present if we can guarantee our future happiness as well. We take out our calendars and we work feverishly to get appointments, engagements, and excursions penned in on each day for months to come.

In June we start preparing for our 4th of July parties. We create the guest list, plan out the menu, and reserve the caterer. We say “that is the day where happiness lives”. It lives at that celebration because their will be food, friends and fun. Our minds become so focused on getting to that day that we end up missing the great sunsets, delicious meals and engaging conversations that lie in-between. Then the ultimate irony sets in because the highly anticipated 4th of July celebrati! on arrives and we find ourselves feeling anxious and sad. Why - because we know that as each hour passes we are closer to the party ending, which subsequently puts us closer to the end of happiness.

We need, instead to enjoy each and every day equally. We need to be like our good friend Winnie the Pooh and have a tea party on Wednesday to celebrate the mere fact that it is another day. Animals in general tend to live happier and more peaceful lives because they don’t have the burden of forethought. Their lives exist to satisfy the needs of each moment as they arrive.

Animals don’t know that they should stock pile their food or reserve their energy because they need to be prepared for the fact that they may live to be 60 years old. They eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired and go about their daily business. If their eyes open the next day then they do what ever they feel moved to do. Animals live according to their environment. If the clouds grow dark then they seek shelter. If their food supply grows scarce then they move on. It’s that simple.

Human beings on the other hand are constantly preparing for the “What Ifs” of life. We buy car, health and life insurance. We stock pile money into retirement plans and savings accounts. We do this in a frantic effort to safeguard ourselves against any possible future unhappiness. We trick ourselves into believing that these safety nets will guarantee us a life that is complete.

The truth is that we do live in a very fragile world that doesn’t always care for those in need. We live in fear of being pushed aside in any time of need if we are unable to offer payment. This is indeed a sad reality, but it is not one that we can let control how we live our lives. We need to live our lives according to our spirit. We need to wake up each day and act on the desires that fill our hearts and put a smile on our faces. We need to live the lessons of the animals and not spend our days dwelling over the past or lost in anticipation of the future.

We need to let our spirits guide us and! know that when we chose to live the life we are destined for that we will be protected. Nothing can break an unbendable spirit. Have faith in this world and take each day as an opportunity to re-create yourself and seek out true happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Maggie West