How to Release Physical Aches and Pains in Only Minutes a Day-Health Care secrets Shared

Busy lives require the tools that are going to assist us while we are on the go. Let me back up for a quick moment here and give you my background. I have been practicing the technique of Rolfing for over a decade in my private practice, and have assisted thousands of people attain greater ease and freedom in their bodies using deep myofacial release. Which is effective in attaining everything from relief from chronic back pain of injury, permanent postural changes, to emotional balance and a lot of conditions within this spectrum. The greatest satisfaction of my work is when an individual requires my assistance no longer and I have done my job of giving them enough information, tools and techniques that they can continue to look after their bodies and personal changes for themselves.

Often I am asked for tools that take as little time as possible or like many other programs they also will get left in the garage or on the self, unused and collecting dust. So as a form of support for my clients and then decidedly everyone, even individuals that I may never meet I decided to write an instruction manual and give my clients what they were asking for. Which is a tool that can be used during a busy day to release the tension of the day so that the accumulation of tightness, pain and injury may be avoided.

The Myoball Technique was put on paper for everyone to benefit from. It is recommended by many health practitioners and shared in part with their clients and patients. This technique is very simple and easy to use, releases pain and tension, increases circulation for healing and you can take it with you anywhere you go because the tool that goes with the technique is the size of a tennis ball, fitting in a purse, glove box, suit case, or gym bag easily.

When was the last time you stretched for twenty minute straight in order to release your calves and upper legs after a run thinking about preventing shin splints and avoiding the stiffness that goes with a heavier workout? Or were you busy focused on getting your work out in and then getting on with the next task of the day. Stretching is extremely important to the overall health and longevity of the body and in my practice less than ten percent did enough. Even I find it difficult to give the stillness and inactivity of stretching the value it is due and it may take some time for us all to become yoga masters.

The Myoball Technique is complementary to the stretching that you do and will aid you in keeping tight muscles released so that your chiropractor or massage therapist can assist you in attaining greater relaxation and alignment more easily. I always appreciate when a client comes to see me a couple months after the last session and has done a fabulous job maintaining the release that was gained. Many gain even greater ease in their bodies because this tool can be used throughout the day, everyday, so it gets used.

Ultimately, it is wise to have an educated practitioner of the human body to aid in recognizing how your body is holding the stress in your body physically and where your intention of release would benefit you the greatest. Although even if your busy day dictates less professional attention than would be optimum, this technique can be very useful for you.

Next time your feet are hurting after a long day at work from standing or sitting find a tennis ball, stand with feet parallel and about shoulder width apart. Place the tennis ball under the ball of one foot and watch that your knees stay soft and unlocked. Just stand there reading, watching the news, on a break at work or when you are on the phone with a friend for five minutes or longer. Remove the ball stand with both feet on the floor and notice the difference. You may find that the foot that the tennis ball was under feels flatter and softer and that your calf muscle warms after being stretched and lengthened. It was that easy and you were able to do something at the same time. Next, it is important to do the same with the other foot for approximately the same amount of time so that you keep your body balanced from the ground up.

This technique can be used to ease and release hip pain, back pain, leg tightness, tightness in the forearms and shoulders, the tension associated with extended periods of standing or sitting. It can be used to prevent and release the stiffness connected to working out or the imbalance of challenges caused by jogging. I have recommended it for growing pains, job repetitiveness like using a keyboard the majority of the day, or being in a vehicle for extended periods. Members of the BodyWealth Team use it everyday and choose to share it with you as well so that you can feel great and have the quality of life that allows you the energy and desire to do the things you enjoy to do.

By Judy Lynn Wetherill

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Judy Lynn has practiced the technique of Rolfing for over a decade and is the founder of the BodyWealth Network(an innovative Team of Health Experts)http://www.bodywealth.net/myoball.html Where you can find online coaching and classes, products, tools and information to assist you so you can profit from a healthy lifestyle.