Having Free Will gives us the appearance or concept of being able to do what we think is right for us in each moment. The operative word and challenge is the word "think," along with the opposite of thinking being feeling. Neither one is going to allow us to listen to that "still small voice within."

When we are able to connect to that inner voice, hear what it is being given to us in the moment, we are then clear and can follow through and take action. Until that time we are best to wait and be still.

If we act on what we think or feel, it may seem that we have free will and can choose our outcomes. It does not work that way. For a while it will look like we are going in the right direction. There is often evidence to support our choices. Of course, there is always the law of averages and we may have been lucky this time around and all is well.

That has been the case in my life a number of times. But eventually the bottom falls out and I have not had a foundation to stand on. Through trial and error with my own patterns and working with so many others, it has become evident that unless we are divinely guided, we are on very shaky ground.

The words "free will" seem to be empowering at first glance. When we go deeper and realize that yes, we do have free will, but are we really to be guided by it? All of the mystical and religious teachings make it clear. There is only One Mind, One Being and One Will. God.

That is a lot for our minds to comprehend. We have been taught so much about being in control and doing it all ourselves. Our hearts and souls know the truth. That is why when we meditate, find a time to be still, and/or take our attention off the decision or choice, then the voice or inspiration can impart its wisdom to us.

Then we are on track and can proceed with joy in our hearts and take our next step. One step at a time we continue to stay alert and listen. If something changes in the moment, we will know it is for our highest good and we can relax into it.

"God is truly driving the car, and we sit in the back seat and go along for the ride." What a relief!

Thank you God!


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Spiritual Guide - Intuitive Psychic Advisor - Transformational Activator ~ Inspirational Healer - Spiritual Life Coach - Woman on The Verge

Iriana is my name - Sharing "How to Be" is my game. It has taken a lifetime of letting go of the belief systems limiting my freedom to share my heart, energy and gifts to interact with LIFE. To say that I am grateful for what God has bestowed on me would definitely be an understatement. Each day is a new beginning and I feel and know that I AM a blessed woman.

"What brings me joy is to help you find the keys to your personal freedom."

While on this journey I have experienced ancient and modern Spiritual and Healing techniques from divergent schools of wisdom. The energy operating in our sessions will be enlightening and inspiring. It will uplift your heart and soul to new levels of consciousness. During these intuitively guided meditative and healing sessions you will experience a clearer understanding of Self and gain the tools needed to continue on your journey of self discovery. Support will be offered for both Indigo Adults and Lightworkers.

I have been an Intuitive Counselor, Healer, Teacher and Reader for 30 years. My Path is to Inspire, Guide and Uplift those who desire clearer and more effective ways to deal with life's challenges.

The work we will do is both Spiritual and Practical, and has assisted clients from all over the globe. By treating each person individually and finding the specific tools for your needs, our work moves quickly and efficiently.

My experience includes Motivational Coaching, Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching, Channeled Angelic & Spirit Guided Readings, Reiki, Tarot Readings, Numerology and whatever it takes to create healing and/or change.

I look forward to talking with you.

Namaste, Iriana