Having problems getting traffic to your web site?

How to increase web traffic, this is what I did on my site...

I went from two visitors a day to thousands of unique visitors a month… in just six months. I now have over six thousand visitors every month and it keeps increasing by 35% each month.

It really doesn’t matter how fantastic your web site is if people can’t find it. I have written many articles on how to create a web site that will drive web traffic to you in droves. For those articles go to my web site qualified-lifecoach.com.

I am going to give you some of the quickest and most important ways to get traffic to your web site. If you need additional help that is one of my specialties. Set up a session with me Dawn Life/Business Coach and I will get you on the fast track today.

Increase Web Traffic …Tip One

If the four major search engines don’t know you exist they won’t be able to send you free traffic. How to make sure Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask know about your web site. You have to submit your web site to all four of these search engines in order for you to get indexed and then found by the search engines.

I have listed the pages where you can go to do exactly that. Live and Ask have a slightly different procedure then Google and Yahoo .

Follow carefully the directions below and Msn/Live and Ask will be able to index your web site as well. Google and Yahoo both will have instructions as what to do when you go the URL’s I have listed below.

1.Google: http://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login

2.Yahoo: https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit


Select and copy the following code: http://webmaster.live.com/ping.aspx?siteMap=
Then copy the full sitemap URL, beginning with "http://", from the white section at the top of Search Engine HQ.

Paste the sitemap URL to the end of the string in your text file.
The URL should then look like this...


Paste the URL into the address bar of your browser and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.

Live Search will then confirm success with the following message...

"Thanks for submitting your sitemap."


Select and copy the following code

Then copy your sitemap URL, beginning with "www.", from the white section at the top of Search Engine HQ.

Do not copy the "http://" as Ask needs it in a special format.
For example, the owner of qualified-lifecoach.com would copy the following...


Paste the sitemap URL to the end of the string in your text file.
The URL should then look like this..

Select (highlight) the entire text string, ensuring that you do not include any spaces before or after the URL. Copy the highlighted code.

If you want to increase web traffic you do not want to miss this step. If the search engines do not know you exist they can not index you and people will not find your site in a search. This is free and you will only have to do this once.

Don’t worry if you don’t notice anything immediately it takes about a week or so for each search engine to index your site. Ask takes even longer then a few weeks it may take a month or two before Ask will start to pick up your site.

Increase Web Traffic…Tip Two

Set yourself up with some high profile social networking sites where they can provide links back to your web site as well as connecting and networking with other professionals. These are my top recommendations. These sites have been very successful for me at increasing web traffic every month.

1. http://www.selfgrowth.com

2. http://www.facebook.com


There are many others however I recommend belonging to a few and working them regularly to get the best results. If you do nothing once you sign up then that is what you will experience. You want to spend a little energy to make your page on these sites interesting, informative and easy to read.

Remember people don’t have a long attention span when it comes to the Internet. Say what is important and mention what stands out about you and or your business. Include your link to your business. Next spend time contacting the other members on the site. No one will know you are there unless you reach out. This will only be effective if you work it, but it will be worth the energy.

Increase Web Traffic..Tip Three

Social bookmarking is another great tool for increasing web traffic. Some of the top social bookmarking sites are:

1. http://del.icio.us/



Make sure that if you use these bookmarking sites that you do not only list your web site. The idea is to share great web sites with other people. If you only list your web site then you loose credibility.

Simply add other great sites as well. Another valuable tip, add your homepage and about four other top pages on your site. If you add all your pages you will be marked as spam and all your hard work has now backfired.

Stumble upon is a not only a social book marking site, it is a social networking site that allows you to blog as well. Once again if you work it you will see results.

Increase Web Traffic …Tip Four

Using press releases to get the word out about your web site or new product can be quite effective to increase web traffic if done correctly.

This is type of traffic may be short lived but it will get targeted people to your web site. Once there it is up to you to convert them to customers. If you do then your press release efforts paid off. These are some valuable tips you will want to implement before you write a press release.

1.Remember it is news not an advertisement keep it objective.

2. Keep it to 300-500 words. If it is much less then that they will not consider it a news release.

3. A great time for a news release is when you have just released a new product, or you have a new seminar or web class.

4. Write it in the third person, keep it objective as if you were a reporter.

5. Your headline should be catchy, something that makes people want to read your press release.

6. Go to: http://www.prweb.com

This is one of the top and most respected News release web sites. They will show you on this site how to write a press release. Go to their Press Release Tips and Guidelines page.

I wish for you all the success and happiness the Universe has to offer!

“Work in partnership with others to help them realize their dreams. Then you will have the kinds of support for realizing your dreams as well”….Marc Allen

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