When setting personal goals, everyone holds a different set of expectations for their life, which helps shape the personal desires they wish to accomplish. While one person may want to attend college and become a doctor, another may desire to immediately pursue a business plan after high school with hopes of establishing their own business. Through individual journeys of personal development, people are able to pinpoint the things that bring them closer to achievement and success. Below you will find some of the most common personal goals people tend to pursue:

1) Be Happy

Everyone wants to be happy in life, no one actively seeks out a miserable existence on Earth. Happiness means many different things (depending on who you speak to). While one person may strive to obtain a promotion, others dream of getting married, having children, going to college, buying a home, or finding their long-lost high school sweetheart.

2) Be Successful

Whether it is to make partner at the law firm or score the highest in your class on the SATs, success is a goal that all people in the world will harbor at some point in their life. Achieving these goals is another story and depending on the specific target, many different elements may affect the outcome.

3) Travel

Whether you wish to visit the calming waters of Hawaii or view the bright lights of Vegas – many people set goals regarding travel. While numerous people never get a chance to visit their intended destinations, it never hurts to hop in the car and enjoy the world within your reach. As for those on the relentless pursuit of landing their dream vacation or visiting their relatives halfway across the world, there are still ways to achieve such goals. Determination is a powerful thing.

4) Keep an Open Mind – Try New Things

Without an open mind, you may miss out on the next best thing standing right in front of your face or an opportunity to truly change your life. Keeping an open mind also maintains fresh, intriguing friendships and relationships that encourage you to make positive changes in your life. It's never too late to try something new.

5) Stop Procrastinating

In order to be happy and achieve success in life, you must make a devoted effort to change the things in your life that are holding you back from your dreams. You must begin to seek achievement of your goals by starting somewhere – anywhere. Procrastination is one of the toughest obstacles to overcome, but once you start going on the path towards self-help and personal development – there is no telling what new heights you may reach.

6) Lose Weight

The physical appearance of the body has become an important fixation in today's society – prompting many to seek slimmer physiques and to lose the extra 15 pounds they gained in college. While losing weight not only makes one feel better about themselves, it also elevates their overall level of health, which is a common personal goal many doctors will suggest to their patients.

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