Do you ever wonder why some people work very hard at a business but don't succeed?

On the other hand, you may know others who are very successful, and don't have to struggle.

There are certain things that all successful people have in common.

One of the most important is that they set goals. Goals are crucial to have, both short term ones and long term ones. These goals should be written down and referred to each day. See yourself as already achieving the goal when you decide upon it. When a person is very close to achieving their first goal they begin setting others. Your goals need to be very clear and precise. If you really have a burning desire then you will find it easy to set your goals and to work towards them.

Your goals should be ones that fill you with excitement and anticipation. Thinking about it and planning how you are going to achieve it should fill you with very positive feelings.

Successful people have clear visions of what they want to do and how they are going to get there. They are completely committed to what they plan to accomplish.

Another thing successful people have in common is a coach or a mentor. It's vital that you get training and support from someone who is already successful. If you are in network marketing then it should be your sponsor or someone else in the business. Learn how they became successful and do the same. Don't try and reinvent the wheel! If something is working for them why change anything? Remember that your success is there success. Be coachable and trainable and you will start to see results, if you take advice from the right people.

Remember also that you need to treat your business like a business. If you only have a couple of hours to spend due to other circumstances, then it will take you much longer to reach your dreams. Whatever time you do have to spend on your business, you need to be very focused. In other words, spend most of your time doing business building activities, which is finding new distributors and customers for your business.

Goals that we reach all start from a dream. Having a positive attitude and knowing that whatever we wish to achieve can be done makes all the difference.

Author's Bio: 

Joanne Ott is an entrepreneur from Canada. She has a home based business and has been involved with online marketing for a number of years. She works full time from home and loves helping others. Her web site is