Do you need a Webmaster for your company’s website? If you find value in having a go-to guy for all you’ll ever need with your site, then the answer is yes. A Webmaster’s main tasks are to help develop and promote your site, which includes services like adding new pictures, new content, product updates, new events, event registration, and page animations. If your services expand and you find yourself needing additional sites under your company, having a Webmaster handy can prove to be extremely useful. They are also equipped to assist you with email, hosting, and a wealth of other technical services that would cost most business owners exorbitant amounts of time and money if undertaken without the expertise and site familiarity Webmasters provide.

A Webmaster can do all thing related to a site or online application, encompasses all traditional services a development firm offers, just in a long-term partnership. While the main function of a Webmaster is to provide ongoing site maintenance for your business’s pictures, pricing, ecommerce offerings, and other data, they offer many other services that help boost the site’s value.

Webmasters’ technical knowledge generally spans many programming languages, such as PHP, ASP, and Javascript. They handle the technical aspects of overseeing website construction and maintenance, but also oversee management of content, marketing, advertising, and fulfillment of orders for ecommerce sites. Other responsibilities include the coordination of different users of a website in terms of access rights, and setting up a site’s navigation.

When the times comes to expand your site’s offerings or move up the search-engine page rank ladder, your Webmaster will be an integral part of your advancement. A good Webmaster will continually work to expand your site and offer services that add value and efficiency to the way your website runs.

A website doesn’t fulfill its mission if it’s not directing people to visit it, and another function a Webmaster serves is to increase traffic to your site. They do this in several ways, the most common being SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO involves the integration of key internet marketing strategies to help increase traffic to, and awareness of, your company’s site. This translates directly into money flowing into your company, making a Webmaster’s services all the more invaluable for the long-term viability of your site.

For many reasons, Webmasters are worth the investment. They partner with your company to help achieve your goals in a way that’s becoming more and more vital to staying competitive.

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ACU Web Services ( opened its electronic doors with Austin Coulson at the helm. Web design and Internet marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. He has managed marketing efforts for several companies in the technology industry and has been involved with every aspect of several businesses, allowing him to truly consult his clients in many respects. A website is one component of a successful strategy; Austin recognizes that marketing a website and using it efficiently with other business efforts is key. Under his leadership ACU’s offerings have flourished as this Riverside, CA-based web design firm continues to amass more and more satisfied clients.