Many people have seen the movie "The Secret" by now, and many others have studied the Abraham-Hicks work, which goes into the process more in-depth. This is, without a doubt, very powerful work. Yet while some people benefit greatly from it, others just feel frustrated when they try to apply these principles.

WHY? The Law of Attraction, as it’s stated in the Abraham-Hicks work, and in "The Secret," is absolutely accurate. The problem is how to change what it is that we are attracting, when what we have been attracting is not serving us. What causes a person to easily be able to manifest what they desire is total congruency in their intention, which means both the conscious and unconscious minds’ intentions are in alignment. "Limiting decisions" are what undermine that congruency by causing unconscious attraction of negative patterns of experience, or results, into our lives.

Limiting decisions are decisions made at a very young age (usually before the age of 6 or 7), when we had very little experience, perspective and development. They are decisions such as "I am stupid, unlovable, worthless…." They were made in a split moment, on an unconscious level, based on how we interpreted the meaning of pivotal events that occurred that we didn’t have the conscious tools to make sense of. They were locked into our muscle contractions, breathing patterns and neuro-network patterns. And, in the areas in which we made the decisions, they became the underlying structure for how we now interpret life and what we now manifest into our lives. For many people they are locked so firmly in the unconscious that it is like butting one’s head against a wall to try to consciously turn that thinking around.

In addition, limiting decisions can cause people to believe that they cannot get what they really want. So a lot of the things people try to manifest in their lives are not really what they want in the first place. They are a substitute for it.

When the unconscious mind makes a limiting decision, it is very invested in proving that that decision is true. And so it is continuously looking for proof that the decision is true by the way it interprets experiences that occur, and by the people and situations it attracts us to, or attracts to us. And therefore in the attempt to follow the kind of principles illustrated in "The Secret," when we try to focus and visualize and open the channels to what it is we desire, if there’s a limiting decision in that area, we can run up against resistance, sometimes really major resistance; and the unconscious mind will likely sabotage our effort. But when that limiting decision is cleared, we then easily attract what we want. Therefore, the most effect way, that I know, of utilizing the Law of Attraction, is to clear the limiting decisions that are blocking us from attracting what we desire.

If you are someone who would like to start effectively manifesting what you desire into your life, but have not been able to make processes such as "The Secret" work (or would like to make them work more effectively), TimeLine Therapy sessions, which facilitate the clearing of limiting decisions, may hold the key for you.

TimeLine Therapy is a very powerful NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) process. (NLP is the study of the language of the brain, and has to do with how we formed our subjective experience and how that can be changed.) TimeLine Therapy is structured according to how the brain works. It is an inherently hypnotic process that assists you in accessing events that generally are not be in your conscious memory. It brings you back to the initial events in which you made the limiting decisions that are holding in place whatever in your life is not working well, and facilitates their clearing. This allows you to then effectively bring into your life what was previously blocked.

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Jane Ilene Cohen is an Intuitive and Transformational Counselor, specializing in relationships. She is an NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner, and comes from a spiritual foundation that includes A Course in Miracles and the Abraham-Hicks work. She has a private counseling practice in Encinitas, CA where she works with couples and individuals, and facilitates transformational groups. She also does phone counseling sessions. Her current group is called "Shifting into Your New Consciousness," a weekly group experience for those who want to shift into a more empowered, conscious life. This is a living teaching in the context of transformational group interaction and dialogue. The flier for this group is at: . For a free consultation to decide if this work is for you, you can reach Jane at: (760) 753-0733. Her website is: Her blog is at: